Sunday, 22 August 2021

OLS Reflections Seventy Six

“Foggy Mediterranean Dawn” by Omar Cherif, Northern Coast of Egypt - August 2021
  • In art, as in life, playing safe rarely ever propels you forward. 

  • It is not a lack of intelligence that holds people back the most. It is fear, often initially caused by repressed traumatic experiences they had gone through when younger. Without bringing these ancient traumas — embodied in their ‘shadow’ — from the darkness to the light, healing remains but a wishful thinking. The “poor little me” mindset manages to hijack their inner beings, rendering them unable to face their own perceived boundaries and limitations, which naturally also makes them unable to transcend them. Fear, you see, remains the driving force behind many harmful behaviours in life. “Let go or be dragged” as the Zen proverb reminds us.

  • Be it a praying rug, a yoga mat, or a flying carpet, there are countless ways through which we can be One with the Soul of Mankind. 

  • It is often said that if you decide to devote your life to art — as in fully, authentically, and wholeheartedly — it would be almost impossible to also share it with another human being. At least not for extended periods of time. When art is your muse it becomes your raison d’être. No earthly presence can ever replace such a fierce, liberating creative force or realm. As such, a great artist can rarely make a great husband or wife. Simply because you cannot own the life of the true artist or poet. They are married to their arts. Hence cannot belong or be confined to a specific time or space. They remain vagabonding through life — like refugees who do not belong anywhere. 

  • People with inferiority complex often get into relationships with those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds just to maintain a certain perceived egoic superiority. 

  • What we call intelligence is usually curiosity and wonder channelled into the right direction.

  • When we constantly look for significance in life we cannot help but overlook the fact that we are the ones who give it significance. We give meaning to our own life simply by being alive in the truest, fullest, wholest way possible; it is only found when we go beyond meaning. The existential magic lies in making sense out of the meaninglessness. Just like the Zen life, which is about being rather than meaning. For one prime essence of the Human Condition lies in realising the significance of our insignificance. Being nothing and everything simultaneously then becomes the greatest poetry there is.

  • If one is seeking to lead a truthful life, some people’s lines must be crossed. It is why people-pleasers make terrible “writers”. 
  • When immersed in Nature our heartbeat tends to match the beat of the universe. We become one and the same. While there never was a separation between the macrocosm and the microcosm to begin with — as it is a mere illusion — we allow life to distract us, so we forget this ethereal connection. Reconnecting with Nature is how our every nerve ending remembers its home. Make sure you always find time for Mother Nature. For she is the real Guru — who likes to be appreciated every once in a while. Disconnect II Reconnect.  

  • Being thought of as a foreigner in one’s own home country ever since I was a child — due to my different and somewhat ‘exotic’ looks — contributed greatly to my feelings of alienation. It made me question my identity, leaving me feeling that somehow I do not belong to this population. Until today in Egypt, perhaps especially today, I am often first spoken to in English. Then comes the shocking surprise whenever I utter that first Arabic word(s) — with no funny accents. 
    So over the years I began to marvel on what the opening word(s) would be. Oftentimes I go for basic regional salutation, but with a local twist: “Samo Aleikom” as opposed to the full phase: “Al Salamo Alaykom”, which is basically “Peace be upon you”. Then before they get a chance to verbally respond, their eyes and, dare we say, their entire body language have already recognised me as “friend” rather than “stranger foe”, as “one of us”. In spite of the outer appearance. 
    Minus the full decade spent in North America so far, I’ve had almost 44 years to experiment and perfect such social interactions. Looking back, you see, I guess that despite the alienation, the love of solitude, the need to be authentically myself, and the distaste for conformity to the established norms, there still seemed to be a small part deep within me that was seeking connection and interaction with my fellow men; perhaps even subconsciously wanting to be accepted by society... just as I truly am and, yet, without showing it much. For contrary to what we sometimes exhibit, “No man is an island entire of itself.”

    Even lone wolves can sometimes join an existing pack. Or they may start their own. Or, they could possibly integrate both.

    “Kitten Roar” by Omar Cherif, Northern Coast of Egypt - August 2021
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Monday, 16 August 2021

The Meaning Behind Different Colours of Egg Yolks

The Meaning Behind Different Colours of Egg Yolks by Omar Cherif, One Lucky Soul

After 12 long years throughout my 20s and early 30s of having only coffee in the morning I began enjoying a proper breakfast. Mostly eggs everyday. So now after another 10 years I came to know quite a bit about eggs. In Canada and the U.S the ones I would get all had yellow yolks. Then in Egypt a couple of years back I came across some tasty ones with darker yolks — between light and dark orange, which I fell in love with and stick to ever since. I had once briefly read that the darker the colour the healthier the egg and took it as an established truth. As it turned out, this may be true, though it’s not so black-or-white or that straightforward. More research was needed. 

Now, the difference in the yolk colour lies in the diet as well as health of the chicken who laid them.

So what is known about the darker orange yolk — shown in the featured photo on the left — is that they are usually laid by pasture-raised hens. The colour of the yolk is an indicator of a healthy and well balanced diet. As explained in an article titled Egg Yolk: From Light Yellow To Deep Orange, Here’s What It Means:

“Since these pasture-raised hens are allowed to roam outdoors, their diet is supplemented by fresh grass and nutritious omnivorous foods like worms, beetles, grasshoppers, and spiders. This diet is rich in carotenoids, which gives living organisms a red or orange colour”.

Speaking of, carotenoids are mentioned in an earlier article here on One Lucky Soul: Why Flamingos Are Pinkish-Orange. As they are the reason behind the peculiar colouring of the birds who feed on shrimp and molluscs which contain these strong coloured pigments. 

Nevertheless, hens don’t necessarily have to be pasture-raised to lay eggs with dark orange yolks. Any hen can lay such an egg if fed nutritious food.

Further, according to a 2014 Study published by the Journal of Food Science, darker yolks typically contain even more omega-3s and vitamins compared to average lighter yolk eggs.

Then we have the yellow yolk, which happens to be the most common — shown on the right. The lighter colour is the result of a vegetarian diet — corn, alfalfa, and beans that are rich in a pigment called xanthophylls, which is responsible for giving plants and animals the colour yellow. 

Last and possibly also least, pale yellow yolks. Foods low in xanthophylls, such as wheat , white cornmeal, or barley result in laying eggs with pale yellow, or in some cases even white yolks. Those remain my least favourite as they feel as though they have been washed from the inside or diluted with water. Fortunately, I rarely encounter them, neither in North American nor in Egypt. 

While it seems the darker yolks do provide rich nutrients and vitamins, it does not mean the nutritional value of the egg changes based on the colour of the yolk. No matter the colour, in fact, the same amount of protein and fat are provided. Yet, after this full decade of experimenting — around 3650 days with 3 eggs on the first 7 years then 2 — one can safely conclude that orange-yolk eggs are my favourite taste, texture, and consequently also experience of all the rest. 

There is something vibrant and radiant to it, and it goes beyond mere colour.
This very radiance may actually be felt in the below photo of the homemade Swisstralian CheeseBurger topped with a runny orange egg, prepared as a New Kreation on the Red Sea beach just a few months ago. 

The reason I finally wrote about the topic despite being on my mind for a while is that for the past couple of months the same brand that delivered the orange yolks ( بيض سرور - العالمية ) now sells yellow ones instead. What a bummer! I called their customer support number but no one answered... so far. 

The more selfish reason behind choosing not to write about it sooner lies in the fear that everyone will go buy these eggs, leaving nothing for myself. Ha-Ha. But the actual truth, however, is that most people do not care at all about such a thing. They don’t even notice different colours exist. For them the colouring is for the outside shell, white and brown. Try it for yourself; go ask around and see. Every now and then one person would be aware, and, unsurprisingly, they would favour the darker yolks — as it just occurred with a reader who commented on this article.

So, I
’m not that evil or selfish after all. Then again, I am sharing all the recently acquired knowledge with you herein. You’re welcome.

Following those ten years, I now concur with the fact that having a good breakfast is truly one of the healthiest and most eggsquisitely eggceptional things you can do to your body and your whole day.

Though before we say Adios, I feel compelled to share that the honest reason I started having breakfast is the fact that by then I had stopped waking up to the piercing sound of alarms at insanely early hours of the day. So depending on the time I wake up, I eat two or three hours later, be it at 10 or noon, which is more like a brunch. To be hungry as soon as you wake up, knowing that you have to shave/wear makeup, get dressed, beat traffic, and show up at work on time at 7 or 8 am, sounds like an impossibility. If you can manage that, big Kudos to you. I remember lacking the appetite, at least for a full and proper breakfast. So coffee it was. Grateful these days are long gone, and so is my body and entire being. 

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.

New Kreation: Swisstralian CheeseBurger with mushrooms, onion, and toppled with a runny "orange" fried-egg
Homemade Swisstralian CheeseBurger with mushrooms, onion,
and toppled with a runny orange fried-egg

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Wednesday, 11 August 2021

OLS Reflections Setenta e Cinco — The Dazzlingly Fun Ones

Omar Cherif mid sunset jamming by the Venice Beach Boardwalk, June 2015

  • Monogamy, monotony, monophagy, monocracy, monopoly, monogyny, monody, monotone, monorail, monotonous, mononucleosis, monoamine oxidase inhibitor… . Not sure where this is going, but I don’t fancy the lonesome sound of it.
  • Did they ever unfriend you when they got married then shamelessly re-friended you — or attempted to — when they got divorced?

  • How weird is it to let her sleep in a separate room after sex — from 1 to 10?

  • There should be a word for that intense inexplicable joy when you come across a certain surface with so must dust on it and you know you’re about to be the first one to wipe it in possibly 50 years. 

  • This past year has seen so many deaths, that whenever now someone tells me “Sorry for your loss” — among other messages of condolences — I reply with: “Ah, thank you. We’re all gonna die.” You know, just a dose of reality to make it easier on both of us.

  • He followed his dreams but they wouldn’t follow him back. So he unfollowed them.

  • During his seizure of power Caesar had a seizure. See, ‘Tsar’ originates from Caesar while Caesar salad does not.

  • I don’t bite — unless we’ll both enjoy it.

  • His vocabulary is so expansively extensive and extensively expensive, words often dance on the tip of his tongue — creating novel linguistic hybrids in the process. Other times they’re mixed up missed steaks.

  • Several severely savvy suave saviours saved Varsity’s vision by serving savoury visors as souvenirs.

Chameleon on the Mediterranean, Northern Coast of Egypt in August 2021


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Saturday, 7 August 2021

Trump Le Trompeur

Image by @nakedpastor

Following the trilingual Francophun يا Waladé, here is another mostly French about the same orange man.

Mais où est donc Ornicar!

Ou est il sur le radar?

Quel cochon ce quelque chose — un bâtard

Jamais de silence, toujours bavard

Esclave de Twitter et du narco-petrodollar

Un vrai cauchemar, en milliards

Le gros cou riche sans foulard ni necktar

Lui donne l’air d’un petard

Ugh, Zut! Ce regard de cafard

Now en conclusion parce qu’on a marre:

Donald Duck est un canard

Comme Donald Trump est un connard

Bizarre FUBAR.

Signé: Le Tzar Des Rockstars


Living On Insanity’s Brink

Tamarack Over Jack

 قصيدة تسلم الأيادي ... لو كانت نضيفة

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Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Words I Made Up — The Eighteenth

Omar Cherif at Full Lunacy Drum Circle at Dockweiler Beach in L.A, March 2018, Words I Made Up — The Eighteenth

The previous Words I Made Up — The Seventeenth was published on 13 April 2019. Today we are 6 July 2021. Instead of the average one article every few months, it took me two years and two months to come up with ten novel words. Quite a telling realisation, which says a whole lot about my latest state of mind. As mentioned before, I used to wake up with some words on the tip of my tongue, not much the case these days. Oh well. Onward Forward, even if at certain parts of the journey we move significantly slow; or even if we stop for a while to look around, or to assess the situation, or to just smell the flowers. What is most important is that, in the Big Picture, one is moving ahead. Enjoint.   

  • Happee: When you’re so cheerful you urinate a little.

  • 3abeedient: Obedient like an Arabic-speaking slave.

  • Capricorn: Edible plant grown on an Italian island.

  • Chai Tea: Meditative martial art solely practised by tea drinkers. 

  • Procrastination: A country in which everyone is always late. 
  • Ossodoku: Braised veal shank which can only be eaten after solving a mathematical puzzle. 

  • Bon Appétitty: A salutation to a toddler who’s about to breastfeed. 
  • Standoffice: Being cold and distant at the workplace.
  • Cairopractor: Practitioner of complementary medicine treating misaligned joints who is based in the Egyptian capital. 

  • Fish Finder’s Fees: Commission paid to someone who facilitated the location of fish underwater using their own sound-energy instrument. 

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Friday, 11 June 2021

OLS Reflections Settanta­quattro

Omar Cherif on the Red Sea

  • There is nothing like finding those who vibrate at similar frequencies and whose passions vibe with yours.   
  • Whenever someone comes to me speaking ill of a person behind their backs, I let it go. If they returned to talk badly about a different person, I still let it go. If they did it a third time, I stop listening. Simply because then and there I know they speak ill of me as well. 
  • “I loved you” may be one of the most heartbreaking phrases to ever be uttered.   
  • Compared to what women go through by giving life then investing in their offspring, the male contribution to the process seems like somewhat of an embarrassment. 
  • Some parents lead such lost and unreliable existences, their children end up feeling they are the ones taking care of them. That is in addition to having to rely on, and take care of, themselves. 
This role reversal naturally messes with the kids’ development, often leading them to grow up becoming compulsive caretakers — among other deep emotional scars which survive well into adulthood. 
  • It is rather strange to see people immigrate to a new country then become militant nationalists of that adopted country. Waving flags and celebrating national holidays, it seems as though they perhaps really hate their country of birth or have been wronged by it and are doing it as some form of revenge. 
  • An indescribable amount of love for my mother resides deep within my inner being. However, it is the awareness of the unconditional love she also has for me — and how she believes in me — that gave me incredible strength and confidence during many crossroads of life when nights were the darkest. Knowing that not many are fortunate to be able to say the same while truly meaning it, it makes me feel eternally grateful for our mutually trusting relationship. Not just as a mother and son; but also as friends, as humans souls sharing this fleeting life on Planet Earth. May Love, Health, and Happiness be your everyday companions. Forever and Ever.  
  • The truly fortunate ones are those who are reborn several times throughout their lifetimes. With each rebirth novel insights are unleashed deep within their inner being. Thereby allowing the chaos of their life experiences to alchemically forge their spirit into a shape which is more wholesomely themselves — ever transforming and reinventing their life stories in the process. Life, my friends, is a work in the progress. Like this morning sun shining high up in the sky, it is to be taken day by day, moment after the other. Time is always Here. Space is always Now. Anything other than that merely means dying and decaying into oblivion. A waste of life, of unlimited abilities and potentials, of yourself. Do what you can with that which you got. For you are the sculptor of your own reality... as well as the marble. Shine On and On and On.  
  • The Zen life is not about meaning. It’s about being — fully present in the moment.  
  • In a world where speaking one’s mind is, by definition, unsettling, when I took art in general and writing in particular as vocations I promised myself that I would never betray my inner being or sell out. To be true, genuine, authentic, and real. To be someone I can love and understand. From repression to expression, this meant not to censor oneself. For one could gain the world but lose their soul. At some point along the way I came to accept that, having an unquenched appetite for the different, the original, the unordinary, my views will always seem to convey a distaste for conformity and the established norms of the day; that which is considered “popular” by the masses. As an outsider swimming upstream against the current who’s looking in at humanity — and through it — rather than looking out. As such, I shall carry on speaking my unfiltered, anti-conformist, anti-establishment mind till the day I die. The true artist who does not fit in often ends up standing out.

    Coutcha and Flop Face To Face, OLS Reflections Settanta­quattro, One Lucky Soul



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Tuesday, 27 April 2021

OLS Reflections Settantatre — The Flagrantly Fun Ones

Omar Cherif at Ein el Sokhna on the Red Sea, December 2020
  • Right between Seventh Heaven and Cloud Nine there is a Magic Eight-Ball. 

  • As a kid I once fell into a well. The experience remained quite traumatic until I learned to let go of the hole thing. O’ well.  

  • There is something about drinking water in a coffee mug and coffee in a “water glass” that makes it unappealing. 

  • I never just flirt with disaster. We cum together and then we snuggle.

  • Discarding the large garbage bag in the kitchen and forgetting to replace it with a new one then while making eggs later you throw away the drippy shells straight into the garbage and Noooo! It’s remarkable how only when it’s airborne do you remember there is no plastic bag. Obviously not before, but usually not much after either. The action and the thought are occurring almost at the same time. Eugh! Off to washing the insides. Top Five most annoying kitchen happenings — Fo Sho.  

  • You’re not a real man until you can change attire in less than five minutes. 

  • Throughout 10 years of cooking I don’t think I’ve ever used just one clove of garlic — even when the recipe says so.

  • I’ve always been a walking paradox… until I learned to sit down.

  • Marriage is called an ‘institution’ because you must be somewhat mental to get into it. You first seek asylum but end up living in one. You don’t believe me? Well, in Spanish ‘Esposas’ means wives as well as handcuffs. But hey, that’s just a linguistic coincidence.

    Marriage jokes aside, if I’ll ever decide to get into a relationship again, I have three matters to investigate first. Do you agree with “Correlation does not imply causation” and what does it mean to you? The second would be finding out if she’s one of those travellers who clap right after a plane lands, thinking that the pilot can hear them. A final stop would be taking them to a trip somewhere where the Internet is ridiculously slow — just to get to know who they truly are at the core.

  • When you only have sex in the missionary position it shows on your face. 


Flip and Flop by Omar Cherif, El Ein El Sokhna - 29 December 2020


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