Friday, 18 August 2017

The Alpha-Beta Poem

Shouldn’t ‘before’ mean ‘after’
And ‘after’ mean ‘before’
Since ‘b’ comes after ‘a’?
Or so we say:

I’ve been there After
And will go again Before
Then Continuously keep the laughter
By Diving into the alpha-beta meta-phor
Making Equally sure
To keep Flowing like soft hardcore
While Going with the rhythm
Like Hypnotising teriyaki
Wonder If he’ll make it?
Just let him unfold his Meraki
Language is fun when you Know
How to break Loose
From all the Madness of its rules
And Navigate your own moose
Like the prophecies of the Oracle
Or the visions of the Psychic
When you Question who you are
You get to know who you R’nt. How stereotypic!
Life is Short, my friend
Do what Thou wilt if you can
Use it up on demand for we’re all One
Be it Vedic or Cheyenne

The Wizard’s Warmly Waiting With Xylographic Wand
What Yap is this rap?
Now let us clap to wrap the Zap
Before it gets out of hand.

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