Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Words I Made Up — The Eighteenth

Omar Cherif at Full Lunacy Drum Circle at Dockweiler Beach in L.A, March 2018, Words I Made Up — The Eighteenth

The previous Words I Made Up — The Seventeenth was published on 13 April 2019. Today we are 6 July 2021. Instead of the average one article every few months, it took me two years and two months to come up with ten novel words. Quite a telling realisation, which says a whole lot about my latest state of mind. As mentioned before, I used to wake up with some words on the tip of my tongue, not much the case these days. Oh well. Onward Forward, even if at certain parts of the journey we move significantly slow; or even if we stop for a while to look around, or to assess the situation, or to just smell the flowers. What is most important is that, in the Big Picture, one is moving ahead. Enjoint.   

  • Happee: When you’re so cheerful you urinate a little.

  • 3abeedient: Obedient like an Arabic-speaking slave.

  • Capricorn: Edible plant grown on an Italian island.

  • Chai Tea: Meditative martial art solely practised by tea drinkers. 

  • Procrastination: A country in which everyone is always late. 
  • Ossodoku: Braised veal shank which can only be eaten after solving a mathematical puzzle. 

  • Bon Appétitty: A salutation to a toddler who’s about to breastfeed. 
  • Standoffice: Being cold and distant at the workplace.
  • Cairopractor: Practitioner of complementary medicine treating misaligned joints who is based in the Egyptian capital. 

  • Fish Finder’s Fees: Commission paid to someone who facilitated the location of fish underwater using their own sound-energy instrument. 

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