Wednesday, 17 May 2017

OLS Reflections 45

  • Surround yourself with those who celebrate the fiery light shining out of your soul. Those who are summoned to fan your flames and dance within them.

  • Without enough life experience some people tend to compensate by hiding in books. Those book-smarts can be intelligent and educated, but the intellect is not enough to lead a full, happy life.

    Conversely, having experience — being street-smart — gives you situational awareness; the wisdom and the needed skills to survive in the real world, rather than following more abstract knowledge which is largely based on the experiences of others.

    Sometimes, though, one kind of ‘intelligence’ can induce the other and a certain balance is manifested. Being “world-smart” as well as “word-smart” would then lead to astounding achievements.

  • Isn’t it though-provoking that with all the surveillance and spying in the world today we still have criminals, murderers, terrorists, traitors, drug cartels, pedophiles, sex offenders and slave traffickers? Isn’t it only logical to think that those who are involved in the surveillance and spying are themselves related to all the above?

  • Bringing down a tyrant isn’t as hard as convincing the masses that they have been freed.

  • Complimenting a woman works best if you get specific; such as nails, eye-colour, hair, or boots. It’s much more authentic as it shows that you have noticed that specific thing and it wouldn’t fall under “chatting up”.

  • Did you ever think that the tie is a phallic accessory used to point to the man’s ‘brain’ and draw attention to it? And you’re welcome.

  • Being in Love is a state of being constantly intoxicated.

  • If you’re not the director of your own movie and the warrior of your own saga, then you’re missing the point of Life.

  • All that we see or feel takes the meaning we give it. The beauty of love, for example, is that it attracts its energy to us in the form of what we consider — label and process — as beautiful and loving people, events, situations and things… just like a magnet. This positive energy is contagious so it evokes even more energy and more initiatives and manifestations. The more you are open to love and you match its vibrational qualities, the more you'll “miraculously” attract what you love. It’s that beautifully simple.

  • Tears are how the soul cleanses itself; embrace them.


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