Tuesday, 28 August 2018

OLS Reflections Sesenta y Uno

  • Never settle to please or conform. That which does not come from within, you can do without.

  • A reason why women tend to possess that intuitive inner knowing is, I think, because they give birth to the living as well as bury the dead. So they are capable of “seeing” beyond the veil of reality.

  • Question everything including yourself, then redefine it accordingly. For unquestioned answers are way more dangerous than unanswered questions.

  • The more you know yourself, the more following others’ experiences will seem futile. Through direct experience, self-knowledge then becomes the journey during which our inner truth is found and owned. This Rabbit Hole is a bottomless pit, an everlasting endeavour guiding the soul as it keeps spiraling closer and deeper towards its inner core.

  • If you knew the true magickal power of a simple word of appreciation or encouragement, you wouldn’t miss a chance to share one with whoever deserves it.

  • One cannot help wondering if that that same die-hard-fan collective passionate energy the Egyptian people have for soccer in general and Mohamed Salah in particular could be channeled towards a different direction, perhaps the Jan 2011 Revolution would have not been hijacked. 

  • When both eyes are closed the third will guide you towards mystical heights.

  • Drumming for men is very much like sex. Some fast drummers play like they are constantly ejaculating ― which forces them to stop after a while to be able to start again; while others learn how to prolong the orgasm until it becomes a state of mind, eventually leading to explosive Tantric ecstasies.

  • When you become fully and openly yourself, living your own truth, you will inspire certain people to do the same. You may likely also trigger the discomfort and insecurities of others who are still trying to find a way to become their true selves and to live their truths. This defensive, projective reaction has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them and where they are in their journey. For it is a mere egoic reflection of their own emotions, perceptions, and experiences — which often occurs on the subconscious level, without them noticing. Down deep inside, you see, most know the inner work must be done; yet their egos usually stand in their way — by making it a habit to constantly keep looking for excuses, in order to justify their inability, inaction, or lack of courage. If some will occasionally take it out on you, reckon that it’s their story they’re mirroring, not yours. We should actually be kind and compassionate to them anyway. They need it the most. After all, Love is the way.

  • The wiser one becomes, the less they feel the need to explain themselves or prove their views to anyone. 


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