Monday, 12 November 2018

OLS Reflections ثلاثة وستون

  •  Life is too short not to let go of that which does not serve us.

  • People who have an obsessive compulsion to control others usually do so because they have lost control over a certain aspect of their lives — as a compensation, which often occurs on the subconscious level without them noticing.

    The same can be said about those who choose to only see the flaws and imperfections in others. Their insecurity deludes them to believe that being the first to notice the bad in others will give them a certain advantage, which will overshadow their own flaws and imperfections, hence feeling better about themselves.

  • The secret to women over 50 is that they know what they want as they know how to get things done. For one, their decision-making about compatibility has reached its apex. Most are over the insecurities and past relationships and began loving themselves for who they are; hence they are comfortable in their own skin — a feature that clearly shows on the person… any person. Confidence also translates into sexiness.

    Another perk is that they are wise enough to give the man that attention his male ego is seeking — making him feel like the King of The Castle. Yet at the very same time, in case of dating, they do not really need the men in their lives, simply because
    they’ve got their own lives together.

    By this age, you see, the majority are equally done with obsessing over their biological clock or having children. This is a significant load off any woman’s shoulders. This is also a big plus for the man they are with, emotionally and sexually.

    Naturally, said psychological maturity and the balance it embodies give those women a certain nurturing quality many of the younger ones seem to lack.

  • “Her inhibited, unimaginative mind sucked the life out of every single atom within her. Her thoughts and fantasies, lips and skin, even lady garden … were all dry as the Atacama desert. When he tried sharing some of his fluids so that they may flow together it was seen as a system defect — since dryness is her default.”

  • Nothing beats going to bed with a clear conscience, knowing that you did your best and gave your all. For one day we may never wake up. 

  • People whose only interests in life derive from and revolve around following the news — politics, sports, World Affairs — contribute almost nothing to the human endeavour. Such divisive matters “fill up the horizon of their [those consumers] minds,” as George Orwell succinctly put it in 1984. “To keep them in control was not difficult.” 

  • If you do not follow your dream or passion, your clever mind will usually find the most elaborate excuses as to why you wouldn’t do it.

  • Before knowing who you authentically are at the core you get to know who you aren’t. For knowing what we don’t want is a significant step toward what we do want.

  • We cannot force people to perceive anything in a certain way. When their time comes, and if the matter is worthy of being perceived, they may get to see the other perspective.

  • People on the streets tend to walk slower in less developed countries than those in more advanced ones. One possible reason is because the latter are healthier. Another is that in advanced societies people are busier and have things to do as opposed to aimlessly strolling along.


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