Thursday, 9 June 2016

OLS Reflections Ventisette

  • Dreams are the Pearly Gates of the subconscious. Pay attention and follow them confidently to where they lead you, for they are the language in which our souls communicate with the YOUniverse.

  • Life seems to always give us what we need rather than what we want.

  • The more people are frustrated or lead uneventful lives, the more they tend to drive aggressively. Either to let go of the frustrations or to get a kick out of the action.

  • You can never force someone to join your dream.

  • The more we observe patterns, the more we connect the dots and make sense out of them, the more we learn.

  • Once you can balance your body you can balance your life.

  • It is wise to note that whatever their beliefs or inclinations are, most people are doing what they can from their own level of consciousness — their own level of understanding. They are trying to figure how the world works and what their role in it might be, which are not the easiest things to figure out.

    It is equally wise to remember that not everyone thinks the way we think or knows the things we know. Different people may take different paths to reach their mountain top. Some seeking the ultimate Truth, or beauty, or happiness and fulfilment, or God. They differ only on the surface, but they are all seekers. This is how we are all essentially One.

  • Knowing a foreign language is useful, but knowing body language is even more useful.

  • Beauty will always be there for those who seek it.

  • We are as free as much as we believe to be.

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