Thursday, 30 May 2019

Tamarack Over Jack

Tamarack goes back
To the time before Jack
You know that quack wack
Who lacks a Big Mac
And does nothin’ but rack?

There’s no rainbow in there
If crack is a snack
There’s no rainbow out there
if it’s either white or black
All through the pack: Hi Jack is Hijack!

Now scuza moi as I fire back
Time for a lumberjack counterattack
Time for a hack by this mad Silverback
As usual, dearest Stevo, appreciate your feedback

*Rolling in silence like a haystack.

Signed: 4 Times a 1/4 Back

*Poem dedicated to two old-time drummers at the Venice Beach Drum Circle.

  قصيدة تسلم الأيادي ... لو كانت نضيفة
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