Friday, 26 September 2014

OLS Reflections Khamsa

Toronto, Ontario - 2013

  • The less we need, the happier we become.

  • Learning how to peacefully disagree is an art everyone should try to master.

  • When we smile to life, it smiles back. Sometimes not right back, but eventually it does.

  • Once we stop obsessing over what we seek, it will come to us. 

  • You are treated by others based on what you allow. 

  • There is a fine line between naivety and optimism; out of goodwill, some people tend to cross that line. 

  • For a healthy and balanced outcome, being opinionated must be paired with being informed.

  • Once you start seeing through people’s bullshit, it’s almost impossible to pretend that you can’t see.

  • Nothing is more alienating than being somewhere full of people and realizing, perhaps mid-conversation, that what they talk about belongs to a totally different plan of existence than the one in which you exist.

  • Knowing what you don’t want is a significant step towards what you do want.


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