Monday, 11 July 2016


He’s the nudest nude
And the dudest dude
He may allude, elude, even delude

But with a soul that’s filled with beatitude.

He can be crude, lewd, and pretty shrewd
So give him no vile attitude
And if you ever venture and eat his food
He still won’t change that sparky mood.

Now I hear you say ‘incertitude’
Preclude the altitude? Exclude the longitude? 

When ’tis time to recharge he’s back to solitude
For no magnitude wins over quietude. 

If the nudist dude were to conclude 

Better take off your snood and show some gratitude

But if you’re rude or prude in plenitude
Out of habitude fella you will be booed, shooed, then royally screwed.

Gotta wonder if this will be viewed.

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