Tuesday, 1 August 2017

OLS Reflections 50

  • Those who awaken something inside of us never leave us, even if we parted ways.

  • If one is seeking to lead a truthful life, some people’s lines must be crossed.

  • When someone tells you about something that is usually perceived as sad or tragic while they can still keep up their sense of humour, be certain that they have died inside many times over.

  • Whatever is to come, or not come, will always be a mystery. Do not worry or obsess about it. For what will be will be.

  • The shattered pieces I’ve let go of along the way are the reason why I have sharp edges.

  • A philosopher is he who acknowledges his own delusions and then finds joy in analysing them.

  • There is a certain level of stupidity beneath which the individual does not know they are stupid. In fact, some of them consider themselves to be somewhat intelligent who seem to always be so damn sure about everything. The next level consists of those who are smart enough to know they are not smart enough.

  • Illusion is a distorted form of perception. The biggest illusion of all is that your own perspective isn’t distorted.

  • Recent research in cognitive neuroscience has shown that the brain physiology is directly affected by our inner belief systems. The reason being is that all facts, ideas, and actions take the form of networks of neurons in our brain. While the left hemisphere is responsible for preserving the old model — the existing paradigm, our reality tunnel — the right one is constantly challenging the status quo. When the right hemisphere cannot convince the left one to change its views it ends up by causing narrow-mindedness, almost literally. In essence, it is our neural connections that physically define our belief system.

    The good news, however, is that through transformative learning and neuroplasticity we know that the wiring between those networks can indeed be altered. Once the long-held beliefs and values — reality tunnel — change, the mind opens up... again, almost literally.

  • You can’t state the obvious to someone who’s in an oblivious state.



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