Friday, 11 June 2021

OLS Reflections Settanta­quattro

Omar Cherif on the Red Sea

  • There is nothing like finding those who vibrate at similar frequencies and whose passions vibe with yours.   
  • Whenever someone comes to me speaking ill of a person behind their backs, I let it go. If they returned to talk badly about a different person, I still let it go. If they did it a third time, I stop listening. Simply because then and there I know they speak ill of me as well. 
  • “I loved you” may be one of the most heartbreaking phrases to ever be uttered.   
  • Compared to what women go through by giving life then investing in their offspring, the male contribution to the process seems like somewhat of an embarrassment. 
  • Some parents lead such lost and unreliable existences, their children end up feeling they are the ones taking care of them. That is in addition to having to rely on, and take care of, themselves. 
This role reversal naturally messes with the kids’ development, often leading them to grow up becoming compulsive caretakers — among other deep emotional scars which survive well into adulthood. 
  • It is rather strange to see people immigrate to a new country then become militant nationalists of that adopted country. Waving flags and celebrating national holidays, it seems as though they perhaps really hate their country of birth or have been wronged by it and are doing it as some form of revenge. 
  • An indescribable amount of love for my mother resides deep within my inner being. However, it is the awareness of the unconditional love she also has for me — and how she believes in me — that gave me incredible strength and confidence during many crossroads of life when nights were the darkest. Knowing that not many are fortunate to be able to say the same while truly meaning it, it makes me feel eternally grateful for our mutually trusting relationship. Not just as a mother and son; but also as friends, as humans souls sharing this fleeting life on Planet Earth. May Love, Health, and Happiness be your everyday companions. Forever and Ever.  
  • The truly fortunate ones are those who are reborn several times throughout their lifetimes. With each rebirth novel insights are unleashed deep within their inner being. Thereby allowing the chaos of their life experiences to alchemically forge their spirit into a shape which is more wholesomely themselves — ever transforming and reinventing their life stories in the process. Life, my friends, is a work in the progress. Like this morning sun shining high up in the sky, it is to be taken day by day, moment after the other. Time is always Here. Space is always Now. Anything other than that merely means dying and decaying into oblivion. A waste of life, of unlimited abilities and potentials, of yourself. Do what you can with that which you got. For you are the sculptor of your own reality... as well as the marble. Shine On and On and On.  
  • The Zen life is not about meaning. It’s about being — fully present in the moment.  
  • In a world where speaking one’s mind is, by definition, unsettling, when I took art in general and writing in particular as vocations I promised myself that I would never betray my inner being or sell out. To be true, genuine, authentic, and real. To be someone I can love and understand. From repression to expression, this meant not to censor oneself. For one could gain the world but lose their soul. At some point along the way I came to accept that, having an unquenched appetite for the different, the original, the unordinary, my views will always seem to convey a distaste for conformity and the established norms of the day; that which is considered “popular” by the masses. As an outsider swimming upstream against the current who’s looking in at humanity — and through it — rather than looking out. As such, I shall carry on speaking my unfiltered, anti-conformist, anti-establishment mind till the day I die. The true artist who does not fit in often ends up standing out.

    Coutcha and Flop Face To Face, OLS Reflections Settanta­quattro, One Lucky Soul



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