Monday, 9 May 2016

OLS Reflections Vingt-Six

Venice Beach, CA - 2015

  • True Love is when the well-being of others becomes as valuable as your own well-being.

  • Teach your children that whenever a mosquito bites them or a fly lands on their food, they are only trying to feed and survive. This is the natural order of things in Life. There is nothing personal about it and there is no reason to freak out or to curse the insects.

  • Those who don’t know how to make fun of themselves don’t know the joy they’re missing.

  • The only way to deal with evil in this world is to accept it. That's the only way to set ourselves free from the darkness. Because, darkness will never vanish; for that's how the cosmos is balanced.

  • A man who rules himself is a true Sultan.

  • When you know enough psychology, it becomes incredibly hard to ever get upset from anyone. Because you understand their reasons for doing whatever they do. In case of conflict, it actually compels you to be the “bigger person”.

  • The essence of life is that it reveals itself moment by moment. When you think about, we are always changing. We cannot seem to grasp or sense the change as it happens, because we’re always in the midst of it. Only when time has passed do we take notice that it had already occurred. But from moment to moment, everything is metamorphosing. You and I, for one, have changed after reading and writing those lines.

  • Having sex to reach orgasm is like reading the menu to feel full. 

  • I like females who can express themselves through grimaces, as in animated faces. It shows they are comfortable in their own skin and confident about who they are.

  • All the hardship we experience in life makes us stronger. It’s actually a healthy human experience. The pain and suffering add us with a new, and usually deeper, perspective on life, and on our overall existence. However, when the lesson is learned, it’s time to move on. Much like overthinking the future, dwelling on the past ― or on a specific incident ― never helps. Letting go, on the other hand, does. 

  • Those who take life, or themselves, too seriously are missing the point.  
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