Wednesday, 18 April 2018

OLS Reflections 57

  • The beauty of art is that it’s contagious. Since there is no separation between art and artist, when you watch the latter passionately enjoy their creation or performance you get to share the experience by enjoying it with them. Truly, while nature may keep our heart beating, but the arts… are why we want it to keep beating.

  • Because simplicity is deeper than complexity, the simple often passes unperceived by the complex.

  • There is a fine line between minding your own business and feeling awkward, even afraid, to make eye contact with strangers.

  • Whether you look for the good in others or the bad you will find it.

  • Until you face your own shadow you will keep encountering its reflection in others.

  • Sometimes I wonder how the world would been have dramatically transformed if great teachers like Lao Tzu, Confucius, the Buddha, Plato, Rumi, and Spinoza had access to the Internet; how many spiritual and intellectual revolutions and ages of enlightenment would have shaped history differently; where we would be now.

  • My secret? I stopped chasing — people, situations, substances. When things unfold, I let them. When they don’t, I let them. Instead of chasing the dream, I taught myself how to live it Here and Now, hence manifest my own reality. This is how we become at peace and in harmony with the natural flow of the cosmos.

  • The more one masters a certain domain, the more simplification they will strive for.

  • The strongest souls are those who help others through their storms while they themselves are going through their own. Usually the strongest are also the gentlest.

  • Until one connects with their inner divine feminine they will never understand the unspoken language of women. Cracking the elusive code which allows deciphering and translating that language is a process, so it takes time. Even then, there is a whole new mystical world to be explored and learn from. When the work is done and the male ego is bypassed, one of the illuminating realisations you come upon is that what a woman essentially needs is someone who can listen to what she isn’t saying — that which lies beyond words… and egos. 


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