Wednesday, 12 July 2017

OLS Reflections Forty-Nine

  • The wiser one becomes, the less they feel the need to prove their views to anyone.

  • During my morning jog to the beach and back I come across this one garden where I can smell a distinct flowery fragrance, which reminds me of a certain laundry detergent. After the second or third time I came to wonder if things shouldn’t be the other way round. Meaning, I’m smelling a natural flower outdoors yet I’m associating it with an artificial product. If we were not living in a world that has stepped away from Nature, the opposite would have happened; when I smell the chemicals in the detergent I’m reminded by the scent of flowers.

  • The most significant journey you will ever embark on is the one within.

  • Dare to create your own rituals. Not for anyone else to follow, but for your own Zen wellbeing.

  • The reason why most people need to hit rock-bottom to be able to heal from any form of suffering is that from there, the only way to go is up. The deeper we experience darkness the greater the rebound effect into The Light…just like a propelled arrow. A pull in the ‘wrong’ direction often launches us twice as fast toward the ‘right’ one.

  • There are only two ways to deal with an emotional wound. Either become nervous around people and push them away, or dedicate a notable portion of one’s time to making others happy.

  • By the time most people learn the rules of life — and how to break some of them — they’re too old to play the game.

  • To the untrained eye Yin Yang may seem like duality on the surface. Once you deeply understand, however, the oneness and non-duality becomes apparent. The listener and the speaker within your head are one and the same. But to come to terms with this insight, you need to rise above both and become the observer of the observer. When this step is achieved you will notice that you’ll often be able to hold two opposites ideas in your mind at the same time; this is the concept of Coincidentia Oppositorum, which is Latin for Coincidence of Opposites or Unity of Opposites. For the road up and the road down are the same road. 

  • The most significant person you have to be honest with in Life is yourself.

  • If you are constantly speaking, you are only listening to yourself and will not learn much.


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