Monday, 12 November 2018

OLS Reflections ثلاثة وستون

  • Life is too short not to let go of that which does not serve us.

  • People who have an obsessive compulsion to control others usually do so because they have lost control over a certain aspect of their lives — as a compensation, which often occurs on the subconscious level without them noticing.

    The same can be said about those who choose to only see the flaws and imperfections in others. Their insecurity deludes them to believe that being the first to notice the bad in others will give them a certain advantage, which will overshadow their own flaws and imperfections, hence feeling better about themselves.

  • The secret to women over 50 is that they know what they want as they know how to get things done. For one, their decision-making about compatibility has reached its apex. Most are over the insecurities and past relationships and began loving themselves for who they are; hence they are comfortable in their own skin — a feature that clearly shows on the person… any person. Confidence also translates into sexiness.

    Another perk is that they are wise enough to give the man that attention his male ego is seeking — making him feel like the King of The Castle. Yet at the very same time, in case of dating, they do not really need the men in their lives, simply because
    they’ve got their own lives together.

    By this age, you see, the majority are equally done with obsessing over their biological clock or having children. This is a significant load off any woman’s shoulders. This is also a big plus for the man they are with, emotionally and sexually.

    Naturally, said psychological maturity and the balance it embodies give those women a certain nurturing quality many of the younger ones seem to lack.

  • Fear of the unknown — change, death, life, others — is the oldest and most destructive kind of fear. Exchange it with curiosity and see how far that will take you. (x)

  • “Her inhibited, unimaginative mind sucked the life out of every single atom within her. Her thoughts and fantasies, lips and skin, even lady garden … were all dry as the Atacama desert. When he tried sharing some of his fluids so that they may flow together it was seen as a system defect — since dryness is her default.”

  • Nothing beats going to bed with a clear conscience, knowing that you did your best and gave your all. For one day we may never wake up. 

  • People whose only interests in life derive from and revolve around following the news — politics, sports, World Affairs — contribute almost nothing to the human endeavour. Such divisive matters “fill up the horizon of their [those consumers] minds,” as George Orwell succinctly put it in 1984. “To keep them in control was not difficult.” 

  • If you do not follow your dream or passion, your clever mind will usually find the most elaborate excuses as to why you wouldn’t do it.

  • Before knowing who you authentically are at the core you get to know who you aren’t. For knowing what we don’t want is a significant step towards what we do want.

  • We cannot force people to perceive anything in a certain way. When their time comes, and if the matter is worthy of being perceived, they may get to see the other perspective.

  • People on the streets tend to walk slower in less developed countries than those in more advanced ones. One possible reason is because the latter are healthier. Another is that in advanced societies people are busier and have things to do as opposed to aimlessly strolling along.


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Monday, 5 November 2018

Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: 22 Years Later — Once Teenagers Now Adults

Following the Neighbour’s Lustful Guest, the Memoirs of an Incognito Friend series took a rather longer-than-usual hiatus. Finally I met my buddy and we had a lot to share. This story remains the highlight of our meeting.

As a teenager, my buddy heard about a younger girl who was quite sexy and “mature for her age” as she was also daring. Being a few years younger than us, naturally it was guys our age whom she would hook up with. Then one day the younger brother of a common friend of ours passed by his house and brought her with him. A pretty baby-face complemented a full rack and a set of long legs, the girl was indeed attractive. While the boys were around 19 or 20, she was 16 at the time. 

This was probably the last time he sees the girl in years. Even though he tried reaching her by letting the younger brother “bring” her one more time, it never happened and that was that.

Around the same hormonal stage, my buddy got distracted when he dated three girls simultaneously for about six months — as previously shared in Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: Three Girls, One Perfume. Yep.

About 13 years later the girl friended him on Facebook and they began chatting sometimes. He found out she had been married for ten years with kids. Slowly but surely, the innocent chatting turned into flirting. Both confessed that they have wanted the other since that first night, but then… life happened. Eventually they fantasised about how it would be if it actually materialised after all these years and they get to meet.

During all the time they were corresponding he was far and away and would only go back to Egypt for visits. Since she was still married, there was never an opportunity for anything to happen, despite innocently bumping into each other several times. Then on one of those trips back he found out she got divorced — somewhat expectedly. Oh. Finally the possibility opened up.

One night she passed by and began talking about her recent divorce. It was obvious she was still healing, so he kept listening to all she had to say and contained himself. A sweet smooch before leaving and that was that.

Maybe a couple of months later there she passed by again. This time she mentioned she had her period. So again, he figured nothing too crazy will happen. However, things did happen. Finally. From flirting, to kissing, to fondling those full cups he’s been meaning to play with for 22 years. Apparently they both got so hot and heavy — not the cups — they still found a way for her to reach orgasm, without penetration. The experience felt like an echo from such a distant past when both were kids — literally.

After this first night, going all the way seemed like the natural next step. And when it happened it turned out to be enigmatic. Imagine wanting something [someone] when you’re 19 and them 16, then you seemingly vanish from each other’s lives, for them to come back to you with open arms 22 years later — wanting you as much as you want them; though having been in a monogamous relationship for almost a couple of decades, perhaps the lust is even more intense from their side. Now despite keeping her sweetness, she was not that immature young girl anymore. But rather, a fully gown, desirable woman who is not shy about what she wants and likes in the bedroom and knows how to get them. O’ The beauty of mature women. 

Above all that, the woman is equally a mother. And all mothers possess that tenderness which makes itself clearly shown in sex among other activities. Her own sensual, unselfish tenderness was no different.

This time it was more straightforward. He opened up the door in a towel while remaining topless — the right-after-shower wet look. After some French-kissing to greet her, he took her from the door to the bedroom without much talking; and she was happily obedient.

As she walked right in front of him, her edible rounded caboose seemed like it was screaming: “Spank Me!”. He believes there was an invisible sign stuck to her jeans, on which was classily written, “Spank Me!”, but then it must have fallen before reaching his place. Because damn, woman.

[*Pam Pam] No more containing himself. As expected, those couple of spanks made her moan seductively before smiling while taking a step backward and resting her back on his naked chest.   

The couple proceeded with more tongue-kissing for about two minutes, before finding themselves rolling on the bed. This much-anticipated foreplay once again took him back to their teenage years. Later on, she shared that it was pretty much the same flashback for her.

Following the sensual play and before exploding he asked her if it’s safe to do so inside, to which she said yes. He kept going for a few then when he knew he was close, he felt compelled to ask again, this time laughingly. “I don’t want kids, you know. So I’m just making sure if it’s fine.” 

Ha-Ha,” she laughed right back. “Believe me, I do not want any kids either. You’re safe to shoot, Cowboy.”

That was all the cowboy needed to hear. 22 years of dreamy anticipation came out in a series of passionate ejaculation right inside her where the love belongs — or so they both felt.

He later told me: “It felt like coming back home after a mighty long and strange trip called life. A reunion that felt so comfortable and ‘right’”. Other than the long time, what makes the reunion special is that it still remains their first time to go all the way and actually do the Humpy Rumpy Pumpy Hanky Panky; unlike, for instance, Reliving a One-Night Stand...13 Years Later when the reunion resulted in an encore. It was kind of like those couples who decide to remain virgins and wait until marriage... but then the man is deployed to war. For 22 years!

Following the fireworks, the guy remained lying on top for quite a bit while his John Thomas also remained inside her like it was not intending to leave this new old home anytime soon. Eventually they went at it again, resulting in more lustful orgasms.

When you think about it, it’s funny how back in the days this was such a concern for the girl — that is, not getting pregnant. Now at this age, it’s some of us single men who are more wary and mindful of the issue.

Who would have thunk that this was stored for them when they first met in the late 90s? Imagine if they had consulted a certain wizard or fortune-teller back then who would point at the girl and say: O’ You will have her, my son. But 22 years from now. On a Friday night by 10:15 pm at this place. Bwahaha. Obviously they would have thought he was absolutely bluffing.

Life could be wacky, man. I am genuinely happy for him, for both of them actually. These wild souls agreed to meet again and me thinks they actually already did.

Until the next adventure of my incognito friend.


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Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: The Mother of Six Who Drove for 50 Hours

Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: Another Sex Party 

Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: Ten Days with a Charming Older Woman

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Monday, 29 October 2018

OLS Reflections Sessantadue — The Scandalously Fun Ones

  • After finding out I’m a writer, a seductive woman I just met asked me for a double entendre. So I instantly came up with three. I gave her two sloppy ones — in one. Then told her: “If I said you have a stunning callipygian body, would you hold it against me?

  • A wise man once said: Those who fear tomorrow should go to sleep and wake up after tomorrow.

  • Sometimes I lay wide awake in bed wondering what those who write ‘HBD’ and ‘K’ do with all the extra time they save. Other nights it’s the voices in my head that keep me busy. Three out of five usually want to sleep; one still cannot get over the fact that the Alphabet, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Baa, Baa, Black Sheep all have the same tune; while the last one does nothing but frantically and repeatedly scream “DammitimmaD. DammitimmaD. DammitimmaD” as he stares at himself in a mirror.

    Now some of you may deem this absolute bollocks since there are no mirrors in anyone’s head. To those skeptics I would like to say that the inner world is a mere reflection of the outside one; hence it is all one big mirror on the inside through which there is a tapestry made of millions of other smaller shattered pieces of mirrors. Ha-Ha. Joke’s on you, smarty pants.

    Truly, it’s one jolly circus up here, me tell you. Entertaining it certainly is, yet turning it all off on occasions still remains tempting, let alone needed.

  • “Florence”, really? I’ve told you before that the reason why many hurricane evacuations fail is because they give them lame names like Andrew, Bonnie, Irene, Igor, Ingrid, Gustave, Sandy… and Florence. Name that shit Hurricane Megalodon XZ-9000 and watch everyone evacuate days earlier.

  • Constipated people don’t give a shit. Speaking of, “Taking a shit” is a bizarre expression. Because I usually leave one.

  • “Rich man”: He who makes more money than what his woman spends.

  • No one can take you for a ride unless you give them the keys.

  • People on a diet deserve to have a salad dressing called “200 Islands”. A more extreme option would be the “Seven Islands”.

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Friday, 26 October 2018

Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Every now and then on One Lucky Soul an article like this comes along. It seems more like 
something you would share with a friend over a coffee, or in the office during your colleague’s smoke break, or even over the phone with your besty. But since I don’t do any of those things, and since the last nine years were spent far and away from almost everyone I ever knew, I take to writing.

Four years ago I got to know a nice guy from the Venice Beach Drum Circle and as with many others from there we became friends. This includes Facebook and Instagram. One recent day it occurred to me that I haven’t seen any of his posts lately; when I checked both their profiles they weren’t there. So I assumed he deactivated them for a reason or the other. I genuinely asked the rest of the group about him, if he’s alright; to which I was told that he is indeed available online. Long story short, I had been blocked: On Facebook and Instagram — I didn’t even know the latter was possible. 

This was quite the surprise knowing that nothing happened between us. I’m currently in Egypt, so by nothing I mean no fight and even argument online. I kept thinking why would that person just wake up one day and block me, on both platforms, but haven’t reached any convincing possible reason. 

You see, blocking is not unfriending. It’s like you really don’t want anything to do with that person online, ever again; as if they do not exist. It’s odd when it happens between those who knew each other well and got along. Why allowing anyone get you to this point of blocking is still beyond me.

When going back with my memory, I recall saying in a comment in our last online interaction: Some of our fantasies are there so we can make them happen. Or something general and philosophical along these lines. So again, no argument, and not even a confrontation, like say The Ashram Sweeper Who Blocked Me on Facebook or even Blocked by an Anonymous Facebook ‘Friend’. Undoubtedly nothing. I wonder what went through his mind. Actually to this day my psychophilosophical mind remains quite curious to decipher such behaviour.

Another possibility is that he’s a rather shy man who gets nervous to make eye contact with strangers; also when people use profanities, even online. So maybe, just maybe, my free-spirited, often comical statuses about sex and orgies or maybe even full articles about spicy topics are too much for his virtual existence. But what a drastic reaction that is — especially for someone in his 50s. I truly have no idea.

I am walking in the street and there I see a young women I’ve known since childhood coming towards me. She unnaturally kept looking at the ground as she walked pass me. I didn’t stop or say anything and just kept going. It’s been years since we last saw each other, so I was reluctant to act and the whole thing was too fast. An hour later I wrote her a candid private message on Facebook asking if it was her. Ten days later, and still no reply, none, not even ‘seen’; even though we all know that it could have been read anyways. Thing is, she is active and not like offline or away from Messenger.

Between both happenings, as you may have known, I flew to Los Angeles only to be stopped by Homeland Security and interrogated and searched like some kind of criminal. And even though my U.S visa was still valid for two full years I was denied entrance because I have been in the country for too many times in those last four years. Not only that, but I am not allowed to be back for five years; however this could be waived. So I did nothing illegal, yet was still punished because… I don’t know: The system is screwed. Now more than ever, of course.

As with almost all experiences I go through, a full piece about that nightmarish experience — which I am mid finalising — is due. So stay tuned. 

Oh well, it remains almost impossible to know what people think or why they act in certain ways, especially with us, and especially those we think we know. Because we tend to assume. Life, however, does go on. At the end, our actions reflect who we truly are; people’s interpretations of them reflect who they truly are. I guess the best thing to do when dealing with such instances is to just smile and say, Hmmm.


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Monday, 22 October 2018

Words I Made Up — The Sixteenth

  • Contradickt (v): To oppose someone just for the hell of it.

  • Mightard (n): A condiment resembling mustard which you could use but don’t have to. 

  • Bratworst (n): The most badly behaved German child.

  • Melonites (n): Members of certain religious groups who solely feed on large round fruits with sweet pulpy flesh.

  • Peena Colada (n): Sweet cocktail made with rum, coconut cream or coconut milk, and pineapple juice that makes one urinate like mad. 

  • Social Media Influenza (n): A credible social media user who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on the contagious “flu” virus.  

  • Good Beau (adj): A bilingual dog who is well-behaved as well as good-looking. Also used with bilingual human children.

  • Hurrycane (n): A running stick used only when in haste, typically when fleeing from a violent storm.

  • Kalbitchah — كلبيتشة (n): A female Arab American dog.

  • Cat-mon-doux (proper noun): A city in Nepal solely inhabited by exceptionally gentle and sweet felines.  

  • Procubine (n): An advantageous mistress. 


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Words I Made Up — The Fifteenth
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Friday, 19 October 2018

Sophia And The Djembefola

Look at this storyteller 

He bends it like Uri Geller
Kills it like Peter Seller

Owns it like Rockefeller

Now check that entertainer
Before she’d “Catcha Later”
A trainer in a trailer ain’t no traitor
Stronger everyday like Gloria Gaynor

Both lived a double life
Chasing the high off the highlife
Numbing the pain, numbing the strife
 Both knew it was a nonlife

Then one day their souls met up
Her kindness filled his broken cup
While he became her guardian pup
A love story never to breakup

Now he can drum their story
With all the shame and glory 

Overcoming all the odds
Shining brightly like the gods

That’s how union breeds liberation
That’s how The Greats build a nation 

With love as its fuel
As the rule as the school 
A tool for the wise as a tool for the fool
More loving in the streets makes our life cool

With love comes understanding
Compassion, empathy, hugs and lotta hold-handing

Now the couple in-style has a little girl named Sunshine
Gifted with a smile that makes their souls intertwine

A reminder from up the line that true Love is divine
A state of being for each to find and define
Over a celestial prime meal and proverbial fine wine
We can almost hear him say before they dine at nine:
My Love is yours, Sophia, and your Love in mine

“Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality. But, of course, only those who have personality and emotion know what it means to want to escape from these.”
― T. S. Eliot

*Dedicated to young daddy drummer and his little baby girl

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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

One More Year at the Venice Beach Drum Circle in Photos & Videos (2017-’18)

Life is very much like a drum circle; those who drum, those who dance to the beat of the drum, and the audience who watches them both.

In early 2015 I published A Year at the Venice Beach Drum Circle in Photos & Videos. In early 2017 it was followed by Another Year at the Venice Beach Drum Circle in Photos & Videos. This is the threequel containing, for now, photos from mid 2017 to mid 2018.

The videos will follow soon as they are too many this time. The conclusion then was to edit them to make one big YouTube video covering the entire year, rather than having 10-12 shorter clips. It will take more time and effort, but it sure is worth it. I tried capturing every single member of the tribe; if not in the photos, then certainly in the videos.

So stay tuned and remember to re-check this piece shortly as well as my YouTube Channel. Also make sure to watch this marvellous documentary some of us have worked on, which was produced by Alex Mannone and Steve Engel: The History of the Venice Beach Drum Circle.

Now enjoy this year’s Magick!

Good to be back to the Playground 17 June 2017

When two school buddies, Ahmed and Ahmed, came visiting me in me element
— 2 July 2017
As on all official holidays the Tribe gathering on July 4th
This is how much larger The Circle gets on Sundays — 9 July 2017
Edward, Sharon, and Barbara mid circle while Tim and Andy can be seen in the
— 22 July 2017
With Heather who currently lives in Kansas yet comes visiting us every now and then
— 22 July 2017
David getting it on while Atusa dances behind him and Brian claps — 23 July 2017
Barbara kissing the sky, Edward Tillmon with his guitar, and Sonia in pink — 29 July 2017
Shoot The Shooter: The one and only fun soul and photographer David Healey doing
what he does best as we were surrounded by beautiful women
— 30 July 2017
 The sweet August sun — 5 August 2017
Colourful Steve Engel grooving 6 August 2017

The white chair ended up breaking on day as I was drumming at Full Lunacy — 12 August

The day I hugged a dancer who then began to weep. This unicorn
cum is the result
by Oliver Rossberg — 12 August 2017

Bryan, Kat and Leah — 13 August 2017
Sweet Pooja all the way from India (I think it was her Birthday) dancing with Diane — 19 August 2017
Shot by Pooja — 20 August 2017
Dylan with Sonia  — 20 August 2017
Our congueros Pino (left) and Ricardo — 20 August 2017
David Healey just being himself — 27 August 2017
Barabara is the Smiley Mermaid — 2 Sept 2017
More Barby with open arms to the sky, Paul on the left and Scott on the right 2 Sept 2017
A flower I earned from a dancer 2 Sept 2017
The girls were visiting from England — 3 September 2017
Sunsational — 9 September 2017
With 91-year-old brother Lonny Jones who insisted on taking more photos together
using his phone — 16 September 2017
Lonny Jones in action, Ladies and Gentlemen, with Duane (R) and Mike (back). You
can check
A Random Call That Hit Me In The Feels about that time he called me
— 16 September 2017
Photo captured by Steve Engel since my shades, shirt, and vaporiser all match
— 16 September 2017
Fear and Loathing in Venice Beach with Steve and Edahn looking like that
"This is Spartaaaaa" actor from the movie 300
— 16 September 2017
Steve welcoming Lery — and her water mug — and her mom to the Circle
— 16 September 2017
The white chair still alive — 16 September 2017
Breaks are needed — 23 September 2017
The sanity corner: Joseph (L), Andy, and Linda — 30 September 2017
One of the landmarks of the VBDC and his peculiar way of dancing — 15 October 2017
Pino pinoing like an Italian king — 15 October 2017
Sara from Canada in the middle, a 5-year old girl, and Lefty (conveniently on the left)
all doing their Thang
15 October 2017
Dancing Queen Soniella 15 October 2017
David sitting down while Bryan Conga on 15 October 2017
With Diane whos illuminating Steve on his Birthday as Amanda (left) smiles on
15 October 2017
More Soniella — 15 October 2017
It is no wonder that Heaven is usually depicted as somewhere full of
beautiful women. Veronica and Eileen
19 October 2017
Lonny Jones playing on me djembe with Dan on the right on darbuka (tabla) and David
on the right
21 October 2017
Mid-wintering in Venice 9 December 2017
With Steve who just taking a fresh dip in the ocean and Mike 9 December 2017
David Healey posing after being back from New York 16 December 2017
Stunning view 23 December 2017
More mid-wintering with the new year 13 January 2018
Turning your head to witness such a scenery makes you feel grateful to be alive
13 January 2018
Early Saturday 27 January 2018
Welcoming sparkly Eva Marie and shiny Rupali into the Circle 3 February 2018
The day the sun winked 4 February 2018
Go Gargantuan or Go Home 11 February 2018
The sweet kiddo playing on me djembe as her dad films 11 February 2018
Steve with his electric heart and Bazlur 24 February 2018
With Alex and Steve 25 February 2018
 Sweet Kymberlee is one of our few female drummers who slowly but surely
became a regular
17 March 2018

Beauties of all shapes and colours: Diane (L), Julia, and Danielle Harris(R) 14 April 2018
I promise that 20 years from now Ill recreate this photo by hunting everyone down,
starting with the hugging couple on the right who are the inspiration behind the idea
as they reminded me of the Woodstock couple who are still together
14 April 2018

United Colours of Beauties: Juila, Diane, Danielle and one happy Djembefola Dude
14 April 2018
 Pino and Paul are two of the few voices of reason around 15 April 2018
Mesmerising Danielle flow arting while Steve in the background preparing to
take off on a Magick Carpet Ride
15 April 2018
Devine whom I haven’t seen for 4 years and who came to the Circle after checking
my photos with the stunning ladies.
“I wanted to see for myself” 15 April 2018

Shoot The Shooter & The Dancer. The renowned photographer Jerry Slade along his
distinctive telephoto lens exchanging a warm smile with our hypnotising flow artist Danielle
as he captures her on cam
— 15 April 2018
Witch Doctor 21 April 2018
Zen” by @valzzz_ani who came visiting along his son.
Zen simply means a state of meditative absorption. Whether meditating, drumming,
painting, walking or doing the dishes, it matters not what activity takes one up there.
21 April 2018
*No Words. Shhhh* 21 April 2018
Joseph and Manny (R) 28 April 2018
Cops paying us a visit in their gold carts after MIA for a while and after their vehicles
were taken away from them due to running over a woman
28 April 2018
Goofing with David Healey 5 May 2018
Devine starting to feel at home 5 May 2018
Fran, Bazlur, and Steve 5 May 2018
Danielle bedazzling us with her electrifying flow 5 May 2018
More Flow Magic 5 May 2018
Apparently “The Big O” originates from Omar. More Danielle mastering her flow
5 May 2018
It was Danielle who adorably gifted me this flower lei at one of the Full Lunacy Drum Circles
5 May 2018
And all of a sudden Diane told me took up and a rainbow was just there mid sky
6 May 2018
Princess Leah gracefully dancing to the beat of the universe, leaving one gobsmacked
6 May 2018
Angels are all around us. Monique welcoming the newcomers: Alisha (L), Alexa, 
and Meghan (R) 6 May 2018

The regular shiny happy faces: Joseph, Sonia, Stevo, and Carlos welcoming the
new shiny happy faces
6 May 2018
Old Schooling with Tim who sometimes brings his guitar instead of the djembe and
right behind is Kenneth on the drum along his famous flag
6 May 2018
Being behind the drum or lens doesn’t mean one can’t get to enjoy the beauty from the
other side. Thank you Venice Beach for giving me the chance to feel like a Rock God. With
the hot, dazzling girls: Alisha, Alexa, Monique, and Meghan
6 May 2018
As I snapped a few shots of the kiddo I couldn’t help wondering what was he thinking
then and there
6 May 2018
After making him silly faces for a few the dad caught me here 6 May 2018
One Love Diane 6 May 2018
With Chief Andy 6 May 2018
Flashback from a few years back with Dan and Luis  a photo from 2015 I came
across online
More sexy girls pausing for the camera 6 May 2018
More smiling kiddo 6 May 2018
Eva Marie doing the ritual dance in the sun 12 May 2018
Reuniting with her after being gone for a while 12 May 2018
Joseph and Sharon grooving — 26 May 2018
Eye-catching visitors 26 May 2018

 Kymberlee and Eddy while Miguel and sweet Isa chillax on the sand
28 May 2018
More Lonny in action with the notable photographer Andrew Goetze behind
2 June 2018
Lonny came to the Circle to see me as I was leaving days later. What a honour
2 June 2018
Shoot The Shooter I: Sonia dancing as Pino and Lonny drum on and Andrew Goetze
2 June 2018
 Shoot The Shooter II: The same moment of dancing Sonia seen in the above photo captured
from the opposite direction by
Andrew Goetze, myself in the hat and flower lei included 2 June 2018 

Nick in The Zone, while shown behind (from L to R) are: Alex, P. J, and Carlos further
back. Nick’s tattoo reads: “Vinum Et Musica Laetificant Cor”, which is Latin for “Wine
and music fertilise/enrich the heart/mind/soul/spirit.”
This wine-connoisseur djembefola couldn’t agree more; for “In Vino Veritas”. Even
Plato seemed to have shared similar sentiments when he said: “There is truth in wine and
Back to the day of the unicorn cum by Oliver Rossberg — 12 August 2017
We all have an inner beat, such as that of the heart and that of the breath. But only some
learnhow to express it outwards through music. Another cool capture by @valzzz_ani

21 April 2018
Steve, the purple gangster and Venice Beach Godfather, showing one of
his creation: The Mechanical Heart
2 June 2018
Flashback to 4 years ago in March 2014 when I bumped into the Venice Beach Drum Circle by mere chance and absolutely knew no one there. Before buying my first djembe some months later I was taking pictures and one of the first was of Steve here. I posted it on Facebook captioned: I Love you, Purple Man”. Little did I know that one day we’ll be become buddies and the whole place will be my found Querencia. 
Long Live Lonny Jones who is 92 years young today yet still join us either in Venice
Beach or at Full Lunacy. What an inspiration whom I am proud to call a Brotherman

— 16 September 2017

Stay tuned for the video.


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