Sunday, 30 November 2014

OLS Reflections Девять — The Pacifyingly Fun Ones

  • If you’re going to eat a banana in public then at least make some eye contact.

  • I once lent my ear to a deaf guy. He still couldn't hear.  

  • MILTTT © : Mothers I’d Like To Talk To.

  • A bilingual anagramist named Gamal sees beauty in “ Gmail جَمِيل ”.  

  • That utterly bizarre moment when you find that seven of your friends have ‘liked’ Kim Kardashian and Facebook is asking you if you want to do the same.

  • Medievil Times: During a profoundly bad epoch.     

  • Birder © : A premeditated killing of a feathered vertebrate.  

  • I pity the fool, but I thank him for the entertainment.

  • The guy who invented Greco-Roman wrestling as we know it today must have been gay as a rainbow.

  • Do you know that conductors in China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam use a fork and knife to direct orchestras?


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