Tuesday, 26 May 2015

OLS Reflections Siebzehn — The Peacefully Fun Ones

  • Eight out of ten times when I see anything with ‘DKNY’ on it I think of a donkey.

  • You can add sun to my Sundays, even one day fun to my funeral. But don’t you dare putting turd in my Saturdays.

  • I go to an underwater gym to grow my mussels. 

  • When someone throws a tantrum I usually duck.

  • I saw a man on the beach skillfully flying a kite, so I told him to keep it up.

  • AutoCorrect has become my worst enema. Oh Shift! This is annoying as he’ll. We’ll, Happy Ducking Halloweed, every buddy. 

  • Tonight I will get inside a time machine, attempting to change the course of history. You will know I've succeeded if humans can speak Dolphinese, there is no February 29, and between Saturday and Sunday there is Saturnday.

  • Thinking allowed is aloud. 

  • Trisexual: A person who's into having sex while riding a tricycle.

  • Wonders Does Psychology Reverse.
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