Wednesday, 11 August 2021

OLS Reflections Setenta e Cinco — The Dazzlingly Fun Ones

Omar Cherif mid sunset jamming by the Venice Beach Boardwalk, June 2015

  • Monogamy, monotony, monophagy, monocracy, monopoly, monogyny, monody, monotone, monorail, monotonous, mononucleosis, monoamine oxidase inhibitor… . Not sure where this is going, but I don’t fancy the lonesome sound of it.
  • Did they ever unfriend you when they got married then shamelessly re-friended you — or attempted to — when they got divorced?

  • How weird is it to let her sleep in a separate room after sex — from 1 to 10?

  • There should be a word for that intense inexplicable joy when you come across a certain surface with so must dust on it and you know you’re about to be the first one to wipe it in possibly 50 years. 

  • This past year has seen so many deaths, that whenever now someone tells me “Sorry for your loss” — among other messages of condolences — I reply with: “Ah, thank you. We’re all gonna die.” You know, just a dose of reality to make it easier on both of us.

  • He followed his dreams but they wouldn’t follow him back. So he unfollowed them.

  • During his seizure of power Caesar had a seizure. See, ‘Tsar’ originates from Caesar while Caesar salad does not.

  • I don’t bite — unless we’ll both enjoy it.

  • His vocabulary is so expansively extensive and extensively expensive, words often dance on the tip of his tongue — creating novel linguistic hybrids in the process. Other times they’re mixed up missed steaks.

  • Several severely savvy suave saviours saved Varsity’s vision by serving savoury visors as souvenirs.

Chameleon on the Mediterranean, Northern Coast of Egypt in August 2021


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