Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tripping Through Venice Beach Art

Always encourage artists; for it’s how we get a glimpse of others realities.

After World Art Through My Lens, the following is Street Art I recently shot in Venice Beach. I was away for some months and, as usual, a lot of the art around this Bohemian neighourhood has changed. So I dedicated a couple of days to take the camera, hop on the bike, and capture some colours and beauty.

When done here, check the sequel: More Tripping Through Venice Beach Art. Enjoy.

*Photos have been slightly manipulated, mainly by increasing the saturation, to correlate with the photographer’s hippy, dippy, trippy state of mind at the time of shooting ... as well as many other times. 

Luminaries of PantheismArt by Levi Ponce. Design by Peter Moriarty. Conception
by Perry Rod.


By @wrdsmth

By @_cryptik

No street art here, just a relaxing scenery.

By @wrdsmth

And finally...

A few night ago I had to take a break from writing the Fear of Attachment piece, well
sort of a break, so I went to have dinner at the local Italian place. The waiter wrote his name
on the table and I proceeded by writing mine and doing this. They must already think that
I’m quite an eccentric guy.
Having published the piece and feeling lighter and ‘merrier,’ some days later I went
again to the same restaurant. This time the dinner table looked different. Now they must
know for sure that I'm pretty eccentric.

 Robert Vargas in front of his new creation “Warrior Odyssey”. This magnanimous mural
by the
Kinney Hotel is a portrait made of two photographs of legendary skateboarder Tony
Alva, one from the 70s and another more recent one.
More to the story can be found
this Argonaut article.

My cousin’s dogino, Bruno, in front of Ai Wei Wei portrait
(by Nimai Kesten) on Abbott Kinney.
A Saturday Evening with an Old Brotherman & His Doggy

 A GREAT reminder to end with by @wrdsmth

Now check the sequel: More Tripping Through Venice Beach Art

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  1. Amazing! Was so wonderful meeting you and thank you for sharing this with me!

    1. It sure was, Kristine. Glad you liked it. You may also enjoy the Drum Circle photo-article.