Monday, 8 December 2014

Rare Historical Photos # 6

18-year-old Ruth Malcomson, the new Miss America in 1924 (Are those sideburns?)
A group of women gather on a rooftop to observe a boxing match, 1930s
New Zealand's Maori soldiers performing a Haka during World War II in North Africa
Muhammad Ali training under water in Miami, 1961

Pig Rodeo back in the days
Three Princeton sophomores pose after a brutal, rock-laced snowball fight, 1893
Paul and Linda McCartney with David Gilmour at a Led Zeppelin concert in 1973
Annie Edson Taylor was an American adventurer who, on her 63rd birthday, on October 24,
1901, became the first person to survive a trip over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Full story can be
found Here.
The Walking Library in Ramsgate, London - England. The girl went round the streets
and from door to door, and people could borrow books for a week at the price of two Pence.
British execution of Zahraan, the Egyptian peasant of Denshawai after the Denshawai "Incident" of 1906. Full story can be found Here.
Gas-mask and gas-proof pram were sold in England on the eve of WWII
Early women's rights activist Annette Kellerman posing in a fitted, one-piece bathing suit to protest the restrictive clothing of the day in 1907. She was arrested for indecency because of this picture.
Spray Tan vending machine, 1949
A Man riding a Circus hippo pulling a cart in 1924. Yep.
Old-school NASA scientists at work, 1960s
Operation Babylift was the name of the mass evacuation of children from South Vietnam
to the United States and other countries, including Australia, France, and Canada at the end of
the Vietnam War from April 3–26, 1975
Spaghetti Eating Contest
Swimmobile in New York City, 1960s
Louis Armstrong plays for his wife in front of the Sphinx by the pyramids in Giza, 1961
A 19th century family photograph with a little secret. The natural blurriness the mother and
father have
is caused by their movement as shutter speeds were extremely slow at the time.
The daughter, however, is perfectly still and that's because she was dead. Apparently the habit
of taking photos with deceased family members wasn't uncommon.
 Illegal booze being poured out a Detroit window during Prohibition (1920-1933)
West Germans stare down the East after a young woman made it across the line


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