Tuesday, 27 April 2021

OLS Reflections Settantatre — The Flagrantly Fun Ones

Omar Cherif at Ein el Sokhna on the Red Sea, December 2020
  • Right between Seventh Heaven and Cloud Nine there is a Magic Eight-Ball. 

  • As a kid I once fell into a well. The experience remained quite traumatic until I learned to let go of the hole thing. O’ well.  

  • There is something about drinking water in a coffee mug and coffee in a “water glass” that makes it unappealing. 

  • I never just flirt with disaster. We cum together and then we snuggle.

  • Discarding the large garbage bag in the kitchen and forgetting to replace it with a new one then while making eggs later you throw away the drippy shells straight into the garbage and Noooo! It’s remarkable how only when it’s airborne do you remember there is no plastic bag. Obviously not before, but usually not much after either. The action and the thought are occurring almost at the same time. Eugh! Off to washing the insides. Top Five most annoying kitchen happenings — Fo Sho.  

  • You’re not a real man until you can change attire in less than five minutes. 

  • Throughout 10 years of cooking I don’t think I’ve ever used just one clove of garlic — even when the recipe says so.

  • I’ve always been a walking paradox… until I learned to sit down.

  • Marriage is called an ‘institution’ because you must be somewhat mental to get into it. You first seek asylum but end up living in one. You don’t believe me? Well, in Spanish ‘Esposas’ means wives as well as handcuffs. But hey, that’s just a linguistic coincidence.

    Marriage jokes aside, if I’ll ever decide to get into a relationship again, I have three matters to investigate first. Do you agree with “Correlation does not imply causation” and what does it mean to you? The second would be finding out if she’s one of those travellers who clap right after a plane lands, thinking that the pilot can hear them. A final stop would be taking them to a trip somewhere where the Internet is ridiculously slow — just to get to know who they truly are at the core.

  • When you only have sex in the missionary position it shows on your face. 


Flip and Flop by Omar Cherif, El Ein El Sokhna - 29 December 2020


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