Friday, 12 January 2018

More Tripping Through Venice Beach Art

Always encourage artists; for its how we get a glimpse of others realities.

After Tripping Through Venice Beach Art, its time for the sequel. Except a few older ones, all photos were shot in 2017 up until now, January 2018. What is new here is that I am adding the names of the artists as we should all do. The inspiration behind looking for the names came from having recently joined Instagram. This way I can tag the artists in the photos and share their creations with the world. Of course a bit of online effort was required — whether on Instagram, Facebook, or simply Google. But it is certainly all for the best.

I also happened to meet and photograph a few artists at work, like Jules Muck, Sandoner and Robert Vargas.

For those of you who are on Instagram and interested to catch up with me there, the hashtags I normally use are #venicebeachart #streetart #streetartphotography #omarcherifphotography. Others are #naturephotography and #wanderlust for the more nature-oriented, travel shots. As for the writing posts, #philosophy #philosophicalpoetry and #omarcherifwritings are the usual tags. 

You can actually now see the newly added IG widget here on One Lucky Soul — on the right side underneath the Facebook one — which displays the latest six posts. Not bad for connecting everything together.

One cool thing about the street art around Venice Beach is that it is constantly changing. So every once in a while I take the bike and camera and roam around to capture the novelty. Note that almost all of the following photos were shot around Venice except a few in the neighbouring Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey.

There is also the more international one World Art Through My Lens.


Vibrant Abbot Kinney by Brian Farrell @brianfarrellart
Colourful piece on Abbot Kinney by @birdwurx_ and @bestanymessage
3 Guardians by Chris Saunders by Lincoln Blvd @chrissaundersart
“Stay Plastic (Why Bother?)” by Jules Muck @muckrock by Lincoln blvd

Artist unknown (for now)
The Thousand Buddhas mural by Amanda Giacomini @10000buddhas
Nelson Mandela green piece by @davidfloresart
Kool new mural by Michael Reeder @reederone
Artsy Arty Art by Jules Muck @muckrock
Sophia Loren by Cheyenne Randall #cheyennerandall on the side of Felix on Abbot Kinney

 Wicked psychedelic utility box art by Daisuke Okamoto @okainaimage
— Pacific Avenue
  Another Foxy Art piece by Jules Muck @muckrock also on Abbot Kinney
Milkman feeding cats on the wall of Salt & Straw on Abbot Kinney Artist unknown

Kool Mural I come across on my way to the Drum Circle by The Art of Chase
Jules Muck @muckrock at work the day we met

 The humping bunnies were changed for this pussy Jules Muck @muckrock
Mural in the making by @sandoner. Its invigorating to find that many street artists are women.
Happy mural by Kristel Lerman @kristellerman on Lincoln Blvd
More Muck Rock magic by Abbot Kinney
"Bear Witness" is a wicked new mural by @gregmike on the side of Green Leaf on Abbot Kinney

 A groovy newish mural by @isabellegorilla off Abbot Kinney
Artification Happy Nation by @tarsilaschubert on Brooks
A van painted by Jules Muck @muckrock
Befriend Thy Demons. An arty mural by @theartofchase and @hashimthomas from 2003, which has been recently repainted. The older version shot some years ago can be found on the first article
Artification Happy Nation by @sart95
Kool mural by Tristan Eaton @tristaneaton x Hauser @handofhauser for Branded Arts,
part of #beautifylincoln
Jules Muck @muckrock
“Innocent Wonder” is a colourful Abbot Kinney mural by @clintonbopp
Stunning Chalk Art at The Abbot Kinney Festival By Adrienne Wade @Habitual_Human
Kool colourful mural by @pixelpancho off Lincoln Blvd.
Robert Vargas @therobertvargas in front of his creation “Warrior Odyssey” by the Kinney Hotel. Completed last January, the mural is a portrait made of two photographs of legendary skateboarder Tony Alva, one from the 70s and another more recent.
Seen on the Venice Beach Boardwalk by @Marioetheartist
Humping Bunnies by Muck Rock 
Eye see you by The Art of Chase
More Jules Muck @muckrock
Arty piece by @louismasai on the corner of The G2 Gallery on Abbot Kinney
Sunny mural, unknown artist (for now)
Charlie Chaplin at Canal Club on Main Street by @trekthunderkelly
Another black cat on Abbot Kinney, artist also unknown
On more black cat in a third location shot many months later also on Abbot Kinney.
Artist still unknown. Curious to know who is behind the pussies. 
Magic by @imdianagarcia and @madeofhagop on the corner of Gjelina
“Beautify” — a vibrant mural by Daniel Silvas @artistanova13 and Erin Ferro .
Photo taken during November 2014
Seen on Abbot Kinney. Even Blackjack agrees.
Foxy honey on a utility box by @Sandoner

Love is the way. Vibrant #Lovewall by @jgoldcrown at Greenleaf
Unknown artist
Muck Rock at it again
The arty work of Blake Byers @blakebyers — the wall of Trip Santa Monica on Grant St. and Lincoln
The Art of Chase

Mural by unknown artist at Hampton Dr. and Indiana Ave. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
“The Art Of Beeing” is another wickedly colourful mural by Louis Masai @louismasai
on the back of G2 Gallery.
One of the reasons why I love taking the bike and camera and getting lost in the cute tiny
alleys throughout Venice Beach is constantly coming across such little arty gems which
serve as healthy reminders.
Unknown artist
Just a cute Monopoly house hanging mid the busy commotion of Abbot Kinney


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