Sunday, 7 September 2014

OLS Reflections Tre — The Mildly Fun Ones

  • Screw your social ladder. I choose to levitate.


I often think of coursing in the course of my coarse language course.


Gladitude: The outlook or stance of being pleased for being thankful.

  • He just had his first buy experience; it was Rich!

  • An orgasm a day or two keep the doctor away from you.


Naming your son ‘Gaylord’ in an English-speaking country is like naming him ‘Baheeg’ in an Arabic-speaking one.

  • The sex was so good that even the neighbours had a cigarette then took a shower.


Anyone still wondering what was the ‘that’ which Meat Loaf wouldn’t do in 1993?

  • Next time someone asks me what I do I’ll say I’m an existentialist-turned-transcendentalist. And wait for that face.

  • I’ve turned the page so many times in my life that I have a permanent paper cut on my finger.

  • Oh crap! I wrote a hard letter to Doodoo the Poo at the sewage company # 2 behind the boulder by the dump. Too bad they wouldn’t publishit at the local paper towel because it’s a fecal matter. What a waste, man, what a waste.

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