Tuesday, 7 April 2015

OLS Reflections Quatorze — The Mitigatingly Fun Ones

  • Should the fact that we cut down trees using axe handles made of wood be called irony or woody?

  • He just had his first buy experience; it was Rich! 

  • Misplaced commas are, egregious.

  • Once in 1997 I let my mind wander. It never came back.

  • On D-Day there were lots of booby traps. On Double D-Day there were just boobies. 

  • Sometimes I use big, fancy words I don’t fully understand to appear more like a cathartic sesquipedalian snollygoster.

  • I once took LSD in the clinic of a submarine. There was no periscope or stethoscope, but hey, it was all kaleidoscope.

  • Life is too short not to have an orgasm everyday. 

  • The skeleton goes to parties alone because he has no body to go with. He’s bad to the bone, so it doesn’t really get under his skin.

  • I went to a massage parlour and asked for a happy ending. They gave me an Annie DVD.
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