Sunday, 4 March 2018

OLS Reflections पचपन (55)

  • Seeing yourself as half a person who can only become whole through being completed by another half is a waste of essence and potential. It is the greatest of illusions as it is an inevitable way to spend your entire life feeling incomplete and insecure. If you must, seek another awakened whole so that you may amplify your wholeness together.

  • Learning how to love yourself is the best thing you can do to yourself as well as to others.

  • Watching a child dance to the beats of the drum is one of the dearest sights to my eyes and heart. These little ones have not been taught yet, so it comes out all naturally and instinctively.

  • Believe that you unknowingly inspire others just by being yourself; that you can make a difference. And it will happen.

  • Having a loving affinity towards women in all their varied shapes and forms and colours is not a weakness as it’s sometimes portrayed; it’s a strength.

  • Our task in Life is to liberate ourselves by enlarging our circle of empathy and compassion towards all Earthlings as well as towards Nature. The way to do it is through self-actualisation — to “Know Thyself”. All the rest will then fall into place.

  • Be exceptionally good at being yourself so that those around you feel comfortable being their own exceptional selves. This is how we subconsciously bring out the best in others.

  • The highest form of truth is not spoken through words; it is experienced through being. 

  • The more I meet women who are liberated in their minds and souls and capable of doing what they feel is right without caring much about outside factors, the more I realise why it never really works for those who are neither liberated nor capable.

  • Good teachers may show you where to look, but will not tell what to see. All they do is open the door. Simply because you must enter yourself. For no one can walk the path for you. It’s your journey and it’s your truth to be discovered.

    Great teachers open the door just a little at a time. They are aware the disciple needs to gradually absorb and process the knowledge in order to reach a fuller, more wholesome understanding; to make the knowledge their own, to become part of their own truth, integrated into their lives.

    As such, great teachers are cognisant that induction is a gradual process which must take its due time if it were to be successful. Through leaving the door slightly open, these masters are able to lure and trigger the receptiveness to learning within their students and help them develop it without forcing it or scaring them or confounding them. But on the contrary, allowing them the space to conceive and perceive at their own pace while keeping them curious for more.

    What makes great teachers is that they are all great learners to begin with. They know that we learn by teaching as much as we teach by learning. Not only are they constantly curious to learn about their subjects, about the most effective ways of teaching them, and about their students, but they have the capacity, openness, and willingness to keep learning about themselves as well — developing from themselves as they grow through life. The more they do so, the more they can lucidly communicate their own experiences in a way which opens up even more doors to explore for the disciple. ⠀


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