Sunday, 3 September 2017

OLS Reflections Cincuenta y Dos

  • Everything you find interesting and captivating in others mirrors something that is already within your inner cosmos.

  • “All the things that could go wrong” is a devastating setting for the mind. For it leads to a nonlife.  

  • Some people become old by 19 and stay old till they die. Others “wake up” at some point and reverse the process.

  • One of the most fundamental principles of Taoism and Zen philosophy is Yin Yang. To the untrained eye Yin Yang may seem like duality on the surface. Once, however, one gets a clearer understanding of the concept, the oneness and non-duality become more apparent.

    You see, between the realm of the absolute and the one of the relative there is an eternal dance of reconciliation. The spirit of Zen encourages us to live on the edge of those two different, yet complementary, poles — the periphery. By walking along the Path of the Razor
    ’s Edge a balancing act is manifested. The duality is transcended and a marriage between the Tao’s inner essence and its outer manifestations takes place; between our inner truth and the way we live our lives; the observer and the observed; the absolute and the relative. Said unavoidable dance embodies the perfect working of the nature of life, which lies in a ceaseless interplay of opposing forces. Everything is constantly changing and nothing remains the same. This reconciling unity is regarded as the mystery of mysteries and the door to all wonders.

  • When you bend the rules, the rules bend.

  • The nature of reality lies in learning how to look at life, people, situations, and ‘things’ as they are rather than as we want them to be.

  • After years of observation I came to reckon that women who are “emotionally available” are usually found in more female-oriented professions such as nurse, teacher, counsellor rather than ones like lawyer or banker. When what you do is take care of a variety of different people you are not spending your entire day thinking about your self. Naturally, the empathetic abilities here are at a higher-than-normal levels — and such experience tends to change the core of the person. Ultimately, in any emotionally-healthy relationship empathy is one major keys to success.

  • Every scar, every wound, every heartbreak tells a story. The point is not to be defined by that story. When you’re the director of your own movie and the warrior of your own saga you learn how to let go and coddiwomple from one lesson to the other.

  • I am you. Are you me?

  • Everything changes for the better the day you start treating your parents as human beings rather than a source of authority.


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