Tuesday, 29 August 2017

OLS Reflections Cinquante-et-Un — The Corruptly Fun Ones

  • Curiosity may have killed Schrödinger’s cat.

  • I was eating at this place where the waitress was extremely rude. She was still expecting a tip, so I gave her the first one that came to mind: “Being rude will not get you too far in life, young lady.”

  • The reason why many hurricane evacuations fail is that they give them lame names like Andrew, Bonnie, Irene, Igor, Ingrid, Gustave and Sandy. Name that shit Hurricane Megalodon XZ-7000 and watch everyone evacuate days earlier.

  • One of these days the guy with the “The End Is Near!” sign will be right.

  • Every once in a while I get the urge to do something utterly dangerous and reckless. So today I bought new boxer shorts and wore them without washing. Now I feel like a bad ass.  

  • Isn’t it quite ironic to have an ‘s’ in the word ‘lisp’? I mean, one cannot even utter the name of their speech-defect without clearly exhibiting the main symptom. Who’th diabolic idea wath thith? Theriouthly. I actually heard through the grapevine that the man who came up with the word was the not-so-great grandfather of the smart-arse who snuck that other ‘s’ in “fast food”.

  • I spent 16 years straight without getting high. Then I turned 17. 

  • While in many parts of the world women get stoned before having sex, in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan it happens afterwards.  

  • I was at a temple yesterday for some soothing time when I saw this guy light a joint from a candle. I was so shocked that I dropped my beer on the bong and broke them both.

  • Behind the scene there is ز.   


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