Thursday, 16 July 2015

OLS Reflections تسعة عشر

  • Nothing beats going to bed with a clear conscience, knowing that you did your best and gave your all. For one day we may never wake up.

  • Follow your dreams to where they lead you. For they are the language in which your soul communicates with the YOUniverse.

  • Freedom of choice includes the freedom of failing and the freedom of not trying.

  • The more you understand, the more you realise there is so much more to understand.

  • Whenever someone tells me “You’ve made my day” it makes my day.

  • If you do not follow your dream, your mind will find the most elaborate excuses as to why you wouldn’t.

  • The fight angry people are fighting is not with you, it’s with themselves. Be kind to them anyway. 

  • The biggest fool of all is he who cannot change his mind. 

  • Nothing too good can come out from people always agreeing with you.

  • Explore your singularity; delve deep within your own mind and soul and be forever the learner. 

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