Friday, 22 August 2014

OLS Reflections

After moving to Canada four years ago, Facebook has become my only connection to the old world I  grew up and lived in. Slowly after, I decided to pursue writing as a vocation. And since then I have been religiously compiling my thoughts in a ‘reflections’ Word file, some of which I have shared already as statuses, others I kept to myself.

I have been meaning to publish said reflections for quite a while, and for some reason I thought I'll go for it after the work on my book is finalized. Today, though, the 'reflections' file is 121 pages long consisting of 38,998 words, so I think it's time for those squiggles to see the light. I will share ten per post, one post per week. I will try to arrange them by topic, but probably they will be grouped according to how serious/less serious they are; perhaps also by length since some are much longer than the one or two liners shared herein. I might then add the topics in the label à la Goodreads.

The compilation is comprised of deep reflections, lessons learned through life experiences, and observations. There are also some thought-provoking questions and the occasional joke or pun.

However, it’s worth noting that I don’t share my thoughts to convince anyone with anything. I share them so that you may enjoy my point of view — and my confusion. I share them to keep my insanity. I share them so that those who think alike know that they are not alone. I share them for you to think for yourselves; for you to question everything; for you to find your own Truth. For I am you and what I see is me.

So here is the first batch.

    • The ability to make fun of oneself is one of the best joys there is.

    • You have no reason not to enjoy life to the fullest ― it has an expiration date.


Fear not to understand things, or to entertain ideas, that clash with your own beliefs, traditions, and privileges.

    • Counting our blessings is one of the best ways to keep track of how lucky and unique we truly are. The more grateful we are, the more we attract even more people, situations, and things to be grateful for.

    • The best way to disconnect is to reconnect with Mother Nature.

    • Nothing too creative will come out of your comfort zone; for comfort is the enemy of achievement.

    • Value all your doubters; their existence is essential for your success.

    • You are your best companion and your fiercest enemy.

    • Thrive on maintaining your insanity; if you haven't found it yet, I suggest you keep looking and not settle until you do.


Let your soul be your pilot; and enjoy the ride by sticking your head out the window.


    OLS Reflections Deux

    OLS Reflections Vier

    OLS Reflections Khamsa

    OLS Reeflections Yedi

    OLS Reflections 八

    OLS Reflections Ten

    OLS Reflections Onze

    OLS Reflections 13

    OLS Reflections Quince

    OLS Reflections Sixteen

    OLS Reflections Dix-Huit

    OLS Reflections تسعة عشر

    OLS Reflections Veinte Uno

    OLS Reflections 22

    OLS Reflections Dreiundzwanzig

    OLS Reflections Twenty-Four

    OLS Reflections Vingt-Six

    OLS Reflections Ventisette

    OLS Reflections Veintinueve
    OLS Reflections 30

    OLS Reflections Ein Unddreißig

    OLS Reflections  إثنان وثلاثون

    OLS Reflections Thirty-Three

    OLS Reflections Trentaquattro

    OLS Reflections 37

    OLS Reflections Trente-Neuf

    OLS Reflections Forty  

    OLS Reflections Einundvierzig

    OLS Reflections — The Spiritual Edition 

    OLS Reflections Cuarenta y Cuatro

    OLS Reflections 45

    OLS Reflections Quarantasette

    OLS Reflections — The Unpublished Edition

    OLS Reflections Forty-Nine

    OLS Reflections 50 

    OLS Reflections Cincuenta y Dos

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