Wednesday, 12 October 2016

OLS Reflections Thirty-Three

  •  We all an inner beat; but only some are able to express it outwards.

  • No matter how deep the hole you’re in, if they’re not throwing dirt on you yet then keep on smiling.

  • To know how much something truly means to you, consider what you’re willing to give up in order to reach it.

  • Sometimes it’s wise to let the liar think that you believe their lie. Because it allows you to make the next move in peace.

  • I’ve reached that stage in my life when I don’t have time for stupidities, unless they are my own. I do tolerate others’, but I choose not to have to deal with them on daily basis, which still remains a tad bit of a struggle.

  • May you always value the simple little things in Life. For they make a big difference and hence are the most important.

  • When we begin looking at angry people as children who cannot control their tempter, it becomes almost impossible to get back at them. Because this very awareness of their anger shields us from being dragged into their storm. Essentially, most are angry at themselves. Their fight is not really with others, but it’s within them. That’s all. If we are not able to respond with love, then assuming the observer position offers quite the amusing spectacles.

  • My biological clock may be ticking, but I can’t hear it properly due to the singing cuckoo.

  • For anyone inherently interested in psychology and philosophy, topics like drugs, dreams, sexuality, and consciousness are essential material through which one better understands the inner psyche as well as the Human Condition.

  • When we are in-tune with our inner being and our intents match in accordance to the universe, we come to experience a mysterious kind of life force. A vital psycho-energetic fundamental substance, which constantly propels us forwards, and with such passion, too. It empowers us to impose our will and imprint our intent on the universe. This vibrational energy not only permeates us, but it also spreads throughout the entirety of existence — that which seems to be outside of us.

    Such sobering realisation creeps up on you once you’ve been touched by the ‘otherness’. You instantly know that it’s not about YOU. But rather, it’s about the ‘U’ in the ‘US’. Truly, no man is an island. This liberating moment leaves us with a transcendental sensation of belonging to the whole; of ‘mattering’ and of being able to co-create compassionate change in the world.

    Allow this Prima Materia to flow through you unobstructed and you start living a magical existence through which synchronicity reaches notorious heights and nothing is impossible.


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