Saturday, 2 April 2016

OLS Reflections पच्चीस — The Soothingly Fun Ones

Venice Beach, CA - 2016

  • I want to invent some kind of earphones to be plugged into motorcycles so that only the rider can hear the loud, noisy, disturbing roar instead of bothering everyone around them. Just because riders seem to enjoy it so much.  

  • No, AutoCorrect. I never, ever, ducking mean to write ‘ducking’.   

  • We never see cops stuck in traffic, huh. They either know where jams are beforehand so they avoid them, or they simply use the siren whenever they’re stuck.

  • Every time I swallow a mandarin seed I can’t help but to think of an awkward future. What if it grows up inside of me and one day I would have to tell her that the reason why she’s alive is that I ate her mom.

  • Whenever seeing friends who look like each other I’m always tempted to ask them if they’re friends because they look alike or do they look alike because they’re friends.  

  • Some people never floss their teeth in fear of what they may find in there.

  • Dear Facebook, what’s the point of giving our News Feed the option between “Top Stories” and “Most Recent” if you’ll neurotically keep changing it to “Top Stories”?  

  • When I was leaving Denver a couple of years ago the departure time of my flight to L.A was 4:20. True story. For some seconds, if not a full minute, I thought it’s a kind of a T-Mobile Flash mob airport joke/dance they’re playing on me. Well, on us. But it wasn’t. Just me after a first visit to the Mile-High City ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • I wonder what would happen if cops stop you and ask for ID, so with a straight, sincere face you show them your medical marijuana card.

  • I know I’m writing about a heavy topic whenever I don’t think of sex as much as I normally do.

Venice Beach, CA - 2016


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