Monday, 18 May 2015

OLS Reflections Sixteen

  • Sometimes I wake up feeling happy for no reason, then I remember a few.
  • Find your inner self first, then you can find a soul mate to share it with. Other than that, you may be wasting time — yours and theirs.
  • Some people get bored; others get creative.

  • Make it a habit to break a habit every once in a while. You’ll feel rejuvenated.

  • The more you know yourself the more you'll love your own company.

  • People who like to get hammered on the weekends usually do so because they don't like what they do during the week — whether it's working, studying, or getting bored.

  • The fear of remaining single all their lives makes many people “settle for less”.

  • I wonder what makes us uncomfortable to walk, jog, or drive next to strangers who are going at the same pace that we either have to slow down or speed up.

  • Happy people seem to always have good energy and tend to have more influence.

  • When someone tells me “You’ve made my day” it makes my day.


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