Tuesday, 7 April 2015

OLS Reflections Quatorze — The Mitigatingly Fun Ones

  • Should the fact that we cut down trees using axe handles made of wood be called irony or woody?

  • He just had his first buy experience; it was Rich! 

  • Misplaced commas are utterly, egregious.

  • Once in 1997 I let my mind wander. It never came back.

  • On D-Day there were plenty of booby traps. On Double D-Day there were just boobies. 

  • Sometimes I use big, fancy words I don’t fully understand to appear like a cathartic sesquipedalian snollygoster.

  • I once took LSD in the clinic of a submarine. There was no periscope or stethoscope, but hey, it was all kaleidoscope.

  • Life is too short not to have an orgasm everyday. 

  • The skeleton goes to parties alone because he has no body to go with. But he’s bad to the bone, so of corpse he makes no bones about it as it doesn’t get under his skin.    

  • I went to a massage parlour and asked for a happy ending. They gave me an Annie DVD.


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