Thursday, 12 September 2019

OLS Reflections Settanta — The Diabolically Fun Ones

OLS Reflections Settanta — The Diabolically Fun Ones by Omar Cherif, One Lucky Soul

Settanta or seventy, Ladies and Gentlemen, means there are 700 published OLS Reflections so far. Between the Fun series such as this one and the more sincere ones, they are absolutely ready to be in a book. The initial plan was to publish the 110,000 word book about dreams first, then publish the reflections. Since the publishing took longer than expected, I might as well start with the reflections. Possibly add some of my photos along each one. So you have the philosophy plus the photography. Something to contemplate. Until then, enjoy the following Ha-Has.   

  • Whenever attacked by someone holding a lightsabre unleash your sabre-toothed tiger and let them even it together.

  • If leaving my comfort zone behind and travelling towards the unknown taught me one thing, it’s that how much money I’ve got and how much water I add to the liquid hand soap and dish soap are inversely proportional. The less money, the more dilution.

  • Quaisi-Pseudo Dyslexia

    As shared before, eight out of ten times when seeing anything with ‘DKNY’ on it I think of a “Donkey”; 87 percent of the times seeing a ‘UPS’ sign makes me think of “Up yours”; and 73 percent of the times when seeing a ‘U-Haul’ sign I think of “You, Hole”. Today at the grocery store the corner of my left eye caught “Demented”. Hm. As usual, that is before my rational mind dismisses the hilarious option for a name of an aluminium foil brand. It’s like my eyes have a mind of their own. After taking a few steps backwards to get a closer look, ‘Demitta’ then made more sense — whatever the word means.

    Now Demitta/Demented have been added to the growing dyslexic list. Though not being the most outstanding anagrams, they score 63, no 64 percent.

  • Dare to be spontaneous. In the next few days or so. Or procrasti      

  • The cannibal who likes to meat people was late for dinner. He got the cold shoulder yet still had a ball. He usually eats his problems for breakfast. So following toasting his girlfriend, he dumped her the next morning then wiped his ass as if she never were. It was still hard for him to stomach being single again.    

  • One of the rare things I miss from working in hotels is my duty to walk around public areas instructing employees to smile. 

  • Did you know that not so long ago rainbows were still black and white?

  • Man, being single is so boring. All I ever do is whatever I want. All the time.

  • Sometimes I question my existence; occasionally it replies. Other times I question my sanity; but my existence doesn’t like it, so it always interrupts. Next comes questioning authority; then I’m left with nothing but chirping crickets.

OLS Reflections Settanta — The Diabolically Fun Ones by Omar Cherif, One Lucky Soul


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