Sunday, 8 September 2019

Some More People I Shot

We all smile in the same language. After Some People I Shot and its sequel More People I Shot, here comes the threequel. From Canada to the U.S to Egypt, beauty is everywhere.

The thing with taking photos of people is that most of them are camera shy and not too comfortable when they have a camera directed at them. The solution: You [the photographer] have to make them comfortable. And nothing let people drop their guards more than humour. So throughout the years I learned to do just that. While clicking on the shutter, I either tell them something funny, perhaps a little joke or one-liner, or by doing a silly face — often includes sticking my tongue at them as I make my eyebrows dance up and down. When later I get to review the photos it becomes obvious that the trick almost always work. Enjoy.

With fun soul and prominent photographer David Healey


Some People I Shot

More People I Shot
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