Friday, 4 May 2018

OLS Reflections 五十八 — The Shamelessly Fun Ones

  • Sometimes I lay awake in bed wondering what those who write HBD do with all the extra time they save.

  • Dragonflies when it wants to. Fireflies means potential hazard.

  • Nothing says “We’re not from here — it was written in the itinerary” than a group of pale-skinned folks in formal attire parading on the bike path between Venice and Santa Monica on Segways.

  • If Superman had been created around these days he would have to be microscopically tiny to be able to get in and out of a cell phone.

  • When I took writing as a vocation and began sharing my life experiences and adventures with the world I reached an agreement with myself. Whenever ten years are gone into the past I will share more of the spicy stories from then. Whenever twenty are gone I will tell it all as it is — no matter how weird, dark, or hilarious. Where is the fun if we can’t laugh at and maybe also learn from our past. We’re getting close to lots of raunchy stories, which should be fun. Stay put.

  • During a special moment of receptive contemplation the word “Boredumb” came to mind. While I did find the word in the Urban Dictionary candidly defined as: When you get so bored, you turn stupid. My own definition goes the other way round: When you are stupid, you get bored. Truly, “I’m bored” is a moronic thing to say. Well do something about it instead of whining, you asshat.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, the official account of the entire City of Los Angeles with its hundreds of thousands of followers has recently began following me. Ouh Là Là. Not bad that Instagram thingy, huh. They usually share informative, sometimes historical “Snapple facts/Did You Know?” kind of posts with different photographs of the city. My self-induced paranoia, however, is still trying to figure out a way to handle this chuffing news.

  • The teacher uses his pupils to watch them.

  • Whenever we say: “You’ll always be too much for certain people,” we’re actually just being considerate. “Certain people will always be too little for you,” is the more straightforward, less smothering way of putting it. “It’s not me, it’s you”.

  • Friendly advice for the younger generations who grew up with camera phones and for the older who just find it more convenient: 

    When shooting a video do it horizontally and not vertically. There is absolutely no good reason for losing half the space of the screen in such a way. In fact, video submissions that are shot vertically are often not accepted. It is also quite a hassle to convert and rotate if one wants to use the footage. So simply tilt the phone 90 degrees and start using landscape mode instead of portrait. Puh-lease ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Signed: Humanity

Kaleidoscopic, fairytale-ish mural by Daniel Rey Silvas @artistanova13 — off Pacific Avenue.

In the artist’s own words: “The mural is inspired by bringing the awareness of the community to children
with #autism and #epilepsy and enriching their lives through the use of cannabinoid oil #cbd. A truly noble
cause and a wonderful display of


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