Saturday, 19 March 2016

OLS Reflections Twenty-Four

Art by Levi Ponce. Design by Peter Moriarty. Conception by Perry Rod.

  • Never worry or obsess about the could haves; if they should have, they would have.  

  • One way to learn from our ‘mistakes’ and get past them is to talk about them. For all forms are self-expression are therapeutic. That’s why healing through art therapy is a successful thing.

  • Most people who like to get hammered on the weekends usually do so because they don't like what they do during the week — whether it's working, studying, or getting bored. Either Thursday night in Egypt and the surrounding areas or Friday in Europe and North America, the first day of the weekend always smell like a combination of repression, frustration, and a sincere desire to get legless and reckless. In clubs, parties, and even on the streets, you really do feel it in the air. 

  •  She used to be my cup of tea. I drink wine now.

  • After accomplishing a goal look around you to see if you have lost someone or something along the way.

  • A significant difference between our Higher Self as opposed to our ego self and our thoughts is that the thoughts come and go. They are ephemeral, they are transient, they are temporary; just like the ocean waves, always in motion. We, are not. We are temporary only in the physical sense.

  • Whether it’s a hateful happening, a dead-end job, a toxic relationship, or a lifeless life, every painful experience we have endured has helped form the person we are today. Initially, most psychological issues and complexes adults suffer from stem from things which had happened to them in their past as children or teenagers. Whatever it was, accepting those experiences, learning from them, even cherishing them all, is the way to get past them. 

  • All forms of bigotry stem from ignorance.

  • The only way to remain ‘sane’ is to get ‘insane’ every once in a while.

  • Our Life should always come first. We're not born on this Pale Blue Dot to have a ‘job’ or a ‘career’. We are born to learn, grow, create, and evolve. If those things can be manifested through passionate work then great; but if they can’t, then seek what you love doing and DO IT   Truthfully. Madly. Wholly. And with lots of love. The rest, let the YOUniverse take care of it.


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