Monday, 25 September 2017

OLS Reflections Dreiundfünfzig — The Playfully Fun Ones

  • The weather is so beautiful here today that many people came out to walk their phones.

  • Have you ever noticed how some older folks end their Facebook comments and messages with a signature? “Beautiful picture. Aunt Dolores.” Omar Cherif.

  • Whenever I contradict myself I don’t.

  • Verifiable Truth: When a woman is phenomenal in bed there is a pretty fair chance that outside of the bed she is freakin’ mental. I actually once dated this kinky one who kept her mood swing in the front yard.

  • 7 out of 5 people struggle with simple maths.

  • Whenever I get into an empty elevator and smell cheap perfume or body odour and then someone comes in, I’m always tempted to tell them that the smell was there before me. But I never actually do it so I don’t seem like I’m taking a defensive stance. 

  • Sometimes I question my existence; occasionally it replies.

  • Have you ever been tempted to cordially congratulate a woman for pregnancy but didn’t do it because you were reluctant that it might just be her belly? Say the truth.

  • I can’t stand people who add Latin phrases to their sentences to sound intellectual, nor those who use words from Eastern religions and philosophies to appear enlightened. Carpe Omnia, everyone. Namaste.

  • Have you ever noticed how when we trip, slip, or lose our balance in public we always turn around and look at the ground as if we’re blaming it for our quirkiness? It’s like we cannot believe we could do this to ourselves.


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