Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: The Neighbour’s Lustful Guest

One sunny California day my buddy heard loud music coming from right outside his place. He opened the door to find a luscious Asian woman coming down from her fancy car where the music was blasting pretty high. 

She appeared to be in her mid 40s, had a sweet face, a beddable figure, and wore a seductive dress that showed a whole lot. Lustfully smiling, she came towards the guy and cupped his manhood with her right hand before asking “May I use your bathroom?” 

Hm. “Sure.”

Once out, he realised that he had seen her a couple of days earlier with his older next-door neighbour. He was having a smoke outside while she was doing the same. He came to find out that she was here to see the man again, but apparently he didn’t want to. So she came right outside of his place and turned the music loud as a dramatic act of rebellion. She also seemed a bit tired and slightly intoxicated.

Let’s have a drink,” she suggested to my buddy. He agreed and thought to go along with it and see what will happen. She left her unparked car unlocked as it is before crossing the street to go to a bar for a glass of wine. This was round 2 pm during the week, so the place was empty except another table with two 20-something year old girls. 

As soon as they sat on the bar the braless woman began sensually caressing the guy, reaching inside his shirt and pinching his nipples in front of the nearby girls who were watching and smiling in amusement — as well as the bartender. “I love sex, you know,” she told him while giggling. He cheekily smiled and his face lit up, thinking that she certainly came to the right man. During this time, her own nipples would sometimes just casually pop out of the dress.

The daring woman then stuck her hand in the guy’s shorts, acquainting herself even more with his package. Right after she left her seat to sit on his lap, teasing and turning him on even more with her hands and body. The guy was obviously enjoying it and just played along; while the girls who were sitting behind her couldn’t really believe what they were witnessing and kept smiling at him in astonishment. 15 minutes later, the newly met couple left the place to cross the street again back to his. 

Once in, the woman laid on the bed with her legs spread. To his amazement, there was nothing underneath that skimpy dress. Without any talking the guy just dived in and began devouring her nectar. 

She had incredibly soft skin all over with a phantasmagorical non-Asian bubble butt. From lengthy oral play, to different positions, to wild moaning, it was a full raunchy session which they both seemed to fervently enjoy. It was so wild, they even took a break in the middle before resuming.

My bud then had to go get something. He showered, gave his number to the woman, and bid her farewell — considering the possibility that this could be the last time to see her. However, when he was back a little later, she was still out there in her car blasting more loud music. He could also see her cry, so he felt sorry for her, eventually inviting her in again.

Throughout the afternoon they spoke a little bit over a couple of drinks. She shared that shes originally from Thailand and has two teenage sons; also that she’s tired from having to deal with assholes. Trying to make her feel better, he complimented her several times. A while later she fell asleep next to him on the bed for a couple of hours. Her car was once again left not properly parked, which led him to take the keys and do it himself.

Night time came and the guy got hungry and did not know what to do: Wake the woman up to ask if she also wants to eat, or let her sleep and eat by himself. He was still slightly wary to leave her alone in his place, simply because she was just a stranger. Yet he did it anyways because he needed to have dinner and recharge. On the way he felt elated and grateful that random stuff like that just organically happen to him.

This was when he sent me a text: “I think another Memoirs of an Incognito Friend adventure is in the making. Tell you more later.” 

When back, the woman was starting to feel better. She would go sit in her car to have a smoke then in again — probably also eyeing the neighbour’s entrance. At some point, my bud dimmed the lights and got himself ready for bed. When she saw that she went to the bathroom to freshen up and joined him in bed.

Another sexy, steamy Wham Ram Bam Thank You Mam session, almost as long as the afternoon one yet with a bit more passion. Then she collapsed.... right in the middle of the bed as many women just LOVE to do. One more hour he followed through, but not before gently pushing her to the other side for a few inches. Dzzzzz.

At around 6:30 or 7 am he heard some commotion in the bedroom and could see that she went outside, probably to the car. While the door remained ajar, he still needed more sleep and finally woke up three hours later. The car was gone by then, leaving us wondering if theyll ever meet again after this thrilling anonymous encounter. Also if the neighbour ever found out or if he even cares. 

Until the next adventure of my incognito friend.


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