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Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: 22 Years Later — Once Teenagers Now Adults

Following the Neighbour’s Lustful Guest, the Memoirs of an Incognito Friend series took a rather longer-than-usual hiatus. Finally I met my buddy and we had a lot to share. This story remains the highlight of our meeting.

As a teenager, my buddy heard about a younger girl who was quite sexy and “mature for her age” as she was also daring. Being a few years younger than us, naturally it was guys our age whom she would hook up with. Then one day the younger brother of a common friend of ours passed by his house and brought her with him. A pretty baby-face complemented a full rack and a set of long legs, the girl was indeed attractive. While the boys were around 19 or 20, she was 16 at the time. 

This was probably the last time he sees the girl in years. Even though he tried reaching her by letting the younger brother “bring” her one more time, it never happened and that was that.

Around the same hormonal stage, my buddy got distracted when he dated three girls simultaneously for about six months — as previously shared in Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: Three Girls, One Perfume. Yep.

About 13 years later the girl friended him on Facebook and they began chatting sometimes. He found out she had been married for ten years with kids. Slowly but surely, the innocent chatting turned into flirting. Both confessed that they have wanted the other since that first night, but then… life happened. Eventually they fantasised about how it would be if it actually materialised after all these years and they get to meet.

During all the time they were corresponding he was far and away and would only go back to Egypt for visits. Since she was still married, there was never an opportunity for anything to happen, despite innocently bumping into each other several times. Then on one of those trips back he found out she got divorced — somewhat expectedly. Oh. Finally the possibility opened up.

One night she passed by and began talking about her recent divorce. It was obvious she was still healing, so he kept listening to all she had to say and contained himself. A sweet smooch before leaving and that was that.

Maybe a couple of months later there she passed by again. This time she mentioned she had her period. So again, he figured nothing too crazy will happen. However, things did happen. Finally. From flirting, to kissing, to fondling those full cups he’s been meaning to play with for 22 years. Apparently they both got so hot and heavy — not the cups — they still found a way for her to reach orgasm, without penetration. The experience felt like an echo from such a distant past when both were kids — literally.

After this first night, going all the way seemed like the natural next step. And when it happened it turned out to be enigmatic. Imagine wanting something [someone] when you’re 19 and them 16, then you seemingly vanish from each other’s lives, for them to come back to you with open arms 22 years later — wanting you as much as you want them; though having been in a monogamous relationship for almost a couple of decades, perhaps the lust is even more intense from their side. Now despite keeping her sweetness, she was not that immature young girl anymore. But rather, a fully gown, desirable woman who is not shy about what she wants and likes in the bedroom and knows how to get them. O’ The beauty of mature women. 

Above all that, the woman is equally a mother. And all mothers possess that tenderness which makes itself clearly shown in sex among other activities. Her own sensual, unselfish tenderness was no different.

This time it was more straightforward. He opened up the door in a towel while remaining topless — the right-after-shower wet look. After some French-kissing to greet her, he took her from the door to the bedroom without much talking; and she was happily obedient.

As she walked right in front of him, her edible rounded caboose seemed like it was screaming: “Spank Me!”. He believes there was an invisible sign stuck to her jeans, on which was classily written, “Spank Me!”, but then it must have fallen before reaching his place. Because damn, woman.

[*Pam Pam] No more containing himself. As expected, those couple of spanks made her moan seductively before smiling while taking a step backward and resting her back on his naked chest.   

The couple proceeded with more tongue-kissing for about two minutes, before finding themselves rolling on the bed. This much-anticipated foreplay once again took him back to their teenage years. Later on, she shared that it was pretty much the same flashback for her.

Following the sensual play and before exploding he asked her if it’s safe to do so inside, to which she said yes. He kept going for a few then when he knew he was close, he felt compelled to ask again, this time laughingly. “I don’t want kids, you know. So I’m just making sure if it’s fine.” 

Ha-Ha,” she laughed right back. “Believe me, I do not want any kids either. You’re safe to shoot, Cowboy.”

That was all the cowboy needed to hear. 22 years of dreamy anticipation came out in a series of passionate ejaculation right inside her where the love belongs — or so they both felt.

He later told me: “It felt like coming back home after a mighty long and strange trip called life. A reunion that felt so comfortable and ‘right’”. Other than the long time, what makes the reunion special is that it still remains their first time to go all the way and actually do the Humpy Rumpy Pumpy Hanky Panky; unlike, for instance, Reliving a One-Night Stand...13 Years Later when the reunion resulted in an encore. It was kind of like those couples who decide to remain virgins and wait until marriage... but then the man is deployed to war. For 22 years!

Following the fireworks, the guy remained lying on top for quite a bit while his John Thomas also remained inside her like it was not intending to leave this new old home anytime soon. Eventually they went at it again, resulting in more lustful orgasms.

When you think about it, it’s funny how back in the days this was such a concern for the girl — that is, not getting pregnant. Now at this age, it’s some of us single men who are more wary and mindful of the issue.

Who would have thunk that this was stored for them when they first met in the late 90s? Imagine if they had consulted a certain wizard or fortune-teller back then who would point at the girl and say: O’ You will have her, my son. But 22 years from now. On a Friday night by 10:15 pm at this place. Bwahaha. Obviously they would have thought he was absolutely bluffing.

Life could be wacky, man. I am genuinely happy for him, for both of them actually. These wild souls agreed to meet again and me thinks they actually already did.

Until the next adventure of my incognito friend.


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