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Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: The Sex Party

Just like many of us, my buddy had always had a curiosity towards sex parties. Having never been to one, the idea of people freely playing around sure stirred his interest. Apart from porn, he may have seen people smooching, fondling, and groping in raves and clubs, but never was it a legitimate “sex party”.

I know the guy enjoys sex, though he had always been somewhat reserved about it; he mainly did what he fancied behind closed doors. I also know he’s a tad picky and not into sharing his energy with just about anyone. 

Looking for otherness and adventure, once he was in Los Angeles he did some research and found out about a club nearby where they hold these parties — usually from Friday through Sunday. Some of them are for everyone: male/female couples, bi, gay, TGs, CDs; others are more specific, such as TGirls parties and BBW (Big Beautiful Women). All these events are alcohol free.

The idea of going to said parties flirted with my buddy’s head for many months. His mind was open enough to check and see what it's all about. However, not knowing what to expect, and the fact that it's not his scene, he kept on hesitating. He later moved away from the area before going back the next year. And the parties went back to haunt his curiosity. 

One day as he was checking the club’s schedule online, he found that their next weekend attraction is a glow stick party for all. After a little bit of pondering, he decided that this would be it. It’s time to explore unknown territories. Alone. 

The bugger didn't even call me.

For the few days before the date, he kept replaying different scenarios in his head, fantasizing about what it would be like. But he later stopped, because expectations can easily ruin some of our coming experiences. 

Then came the chosen day. He got up in the morning deciding to stay extra healthy — to keep that healthy mindset. So eating light and no drinking. Later in the afternoon as it began to get dark, he almost had second thoughts. He proceeded to snap out of them, convincing himself that this is the time to check one of his fantasies off the list and make it a reality.  

“You're hours away from ‘knowing’,” he said to himself. “Whether you’ll like it or not, at least you would know. It obviously remains something to see.”

He actually already knew that a significant number of people who attend these parties do not get into any kind of action. They either enjoy watching or simply just enjoy being there, surrounded by the energy of this sexual freedom. It certainly is one way to break away from the shackles of the mundane daily life. “So yeah, be the observer,” reassuring his slightly reluctant self.  

An hour before the beginning of the event, he took a shower, wore all black, hat and all — trying to be as incognito as possible. Not that it really mattered, since it’s highly unlikely he would meet anyone he knows or who knows him. I think he did it to get into that “Eyes Wide Shut” ambiance. 

On the way there, he had that adrenaline head and body rush he longed for. Exposing himself to new naughty things — new taboos — made him feel alive. 

By 10 pm, he arrived at the club which is located at the back of an adult store. He already sort of knew where the entrance was, though, possibly being in some kind of a daze, he still went straight towards the guy behind the counter.

“You’re here for the party? 


Entrance is at the back from the outside.”

The girl at the door asked if he had been there before, to which he said No. She gave him a paper to sign where they are asking if you have any STDs. Being a single male, he had to pay a ‘donation’ — all other single females, couples, TSs, CDs get in for free — and was given a glow stick upon entrance. There was a bowl of free glow-in-the-dark condoms at the door.

He was already familiar with the common rules of such parties: No means no. Ladies — or ‘Ladies’ — are the ones who get to choose. To be respectful of people's boundaries. And, of course, to always play safe.

Once in the darkened club, he wandered around, discovering the area. Some women, more men, and some CDs — a wide variety of them, actually; tall, short, Asian, pretty, not-so-much.

Given the location and the entrance ‘donation’, the general level of attractiveness was nothing too high. In others parts of L.A, there are much higher-end, exclusive parties that take place in secret locations, some of which requires memberships and strict screening...and $500 entrance fees. So he knew what he was getting himself into; he knew there wasn't going to be super-model types of humans. And he decided to enjoy the novelty, nevertheless.

In fact, now there are
snuggle parties, group massage parties, sensation play parties, masturbation, swingers, BDSM, and whatever else parties — exploring all kinds of kinks and styles. Not only in L.A, but in N.Y, Portland, and San Diego, too. This wide variety of parties equally exists in other parts of the globe and not just in the U.S. Welcome to the Free Love World of 2016! Humanity has indeed come a long way. 

In one of the corridors of the club there is a powder room. This is where the ‘ladies’ go in from the back door to dress and get dolled up. And its door is usually kept closed.

The place had other door-less rooms with beds next to each other, separated only by thin walls. Other smaller chambers have shagging chairs and a variety of dungeon furniture. Then finally there were booths with doors, for more privacy and more standing action, I guess

About 15 minutes through, he could spot a woman giving a blowjob to a bald man sitting a few feet to his right. Other men, and some CDs, would come stand close to them and watch, some would be touching themselves. Being a dark place only lit by glow sticks laid on the ground made the view quite fuzzy and dream-like, which added a mysterious essence to my buddy’s first-time experience.

Five minutes later, a chap in his early 30s sitting on the couch next to him was approached by a TGirl. She whispered in his ears as she touched his Gentleman Sausage before they both headed to the privacy of the booths.

Our observer then realized that things were so simple and straightforward. No “let me buy you a drink” or name exchange or any of that other bla-bla chatting-up we find at normal clubs. Just a look, a smile, some incognito action, and then bye bye. Casually and respectfully. No complications. No dating. No ‘call me’ or ‘marry me’. It sure is a different scene which he was glad to explore.

After about an hour and a half there, my buddy left the club and happily headed home.

As he later told me his story, I couldn't help but ask if he ended up by doing anything. He simply gave me a mischievous look and smiled:

“What do you think, Mr. Writer?

I think he now may be comfortable enough to take a date with him next time.

Until the next adventure of my incognito friend.


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