Sunday, 1 November 2015

Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: Three Girls, One Perfume

At some point during his early days, my buddy was seeing three girls at the same time. Being so young, the experience had little to do with the concept of cheating and a lot to do with exploring and hormones.

The guy had a girlfriend, A, and they had been together for quite a while. Then, he met a girl, B, and started seeing her. B was quite feminine and she used to wear some rare “Beverly Hills” kind of perfume which my buddy loved — still does. The only issue was that after making out, the scent of the perfume would stick to his clothes as well as to his place. So after being with B and before meeting A, he had to sometimes change clothes and ‘air’ the room.

A couple of months later, C appeared on the scene. She was a cute younger girl whom my buddy had always fancied. The surprise was that when things began to slowly develop between them, he noticed that she wears the same exotic perfume as B — an additional reason to like her. In one way, he was somewhat convinced that she was THE one and that eventually after he was done with playing around they would end up together. He repeatedly kept telling her that and the young girl had no good reason to doubt.

For a period of six months, my buddy managed to keep it all a secret from A. Well, almost. So B knew about A, but not about C. And C knew about A and B. This was such an ego boost for the guy, he felt like a combination of Superman, James Bond, and Hugh Hefner.  

During this time, A found out about her boyfriend’s fascination with said perfume. She also began to suspect that something may be going on with another girl. Somehow, probably through my buddy himself, she linked the perfume to the whole thing.

Then one day, wanting to please her boyfriend, A bought the very same perfume. For my bud, this was Heaven. No more worrying about changing clothes or airing the room... or about getting caught. Now all four smelt the same.

This arrangement lasted as it was for half a year before, obviously, things exploded. Despite getting close a few times but he was never actually ‘caught’.

Later on in life as my buddy matured, he came to the conclusion that cheating isn’t as cool as his younger self used to think. It took him, however, some more years throughout his 20s to reach such insight.

I think the reason why he played around was because he could, not because he was unsatisfied in his relationships. Truth is, if you’re not happy in a relationship, just leave and find someone else. It’s as simple as that.

Oh well, experience cannot be taught or bought, it has to be lived and acquired. Two decades later, the guy remains a friend to all three women. 

Until the next adventure of my incognito friend.


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