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Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: The 17-Year-Old Lebanese Belly Dancer

Once in his early 20s, my buddy and a friend of his were enjoying a hot summer day on the pool. Several times he locked eyes with a luscious girl who had a stunning petite figure and a sexy, alluring face. A little later in the afternoon, he decided to go talk to her. It didn't take much before she came out of the pool and went with him to his day-use cabin.

With almost no talking, once in they started making out. “Quel beau physique,” she said while massaging his hairy chest. She threw him on the bed, took off her bikini then proceeded in giving him a phantabulous fellatio. Almost zero talking.

She then wore a white towel and began belly dancing for him before lying next to him in bed for some French-Lebanese-Egyptian-Dolphinese kissing and licking. The girl was so young and wild and daring that it was all so magickal for the guy.

A little later they were both back into the pool, with buddy having an ecstatic smile on his face — as usual, as the readers have probably noticed by now. Only by then did he learn that she’s a Lebanese belly dancer and that she’s only 17. Seriously.

Commonly a belly dancer is a full grown woman. This was so different, bizarre, and inviting all at once.

She also told him that she was in Cairo for a week, part of a cultural event between Egypt and Lebanon. Oh, and that her mother is accompanying her and sharing the room with her in the hotel.

They stayed in the water for a while, flirting heavily. After some underwater grinding and groping and touching, it wasn’t long before he felt another bulging erection in his swim suit. The girl was so playful and full of energy, and so was he.

One of the repeated flashes he remembers all too well from that fateful encounter is gleefully chasing her under the water like a horny Pacific White Sided dolphin. Once he cornered her in one of the pool’s many angles and she had no where to go, he would pounce on her from behind like a hungry beast on the hunt, skilfully sandwiching her between the wall and himself. To his delight, his out-of-proportion erection made her moan, gasp, and whimper in lustful bewitchment like a wild prey in total submission.

Their water games was quite the sexy view for some guests who were hanging out in their balconies which overlooked the hotel’s swimming pool; many of whom are horny Arab (Saudi -Kuwaiti) men who come to Egypt to unwind and have fun, away from the regressive restrictions their countries abide by. So during these trips they are always “in the mood”.

I can attest that in some secretive way, being publicly viewed like that turned the exhibitionist in him on even more. After a couple of hours of play — performance — he gave her his room number and they agreed to meet again....

A couple of days later she called him up, saying that she’s leaving the following day and would love to see him. Splendid. She passed by and, again, they instantly began making out. 

Live Dire Straits, blacklight on, and the mood is SET.

And then, the young girl mentioned she was a virgin. Tada. Being so daring and beddable, this was a slight shocker. However, she offered him two options: One, is another blowjob. And Two...wait for it....the backdoor way, with condom, and lube.

He fancied the fact that she had it all carefully planned. And he could sense that sincerity from glaring at those naughty, mischievous Oriental eyes.

Obviously my buddy chose the second option. Then gently proceeded. He had both of her demands ready, got behind her, and slowly began the process of getting her all relaxed, which is an essential part of making it all go seamless, especially when handling such a hungry teeny pretty pink asshole.

She was relatively petite in shape and so was her back entrance. A little bit of fingering and lubing, and there she was all ready for that sweet penetration. 

He made sure to take care of the hole thing.

The situation was so erotic that it wasn’t long before he just exploded.

They said goodbye afterwards and never met again.

Because she was one of the most nubile, seductive females he has ever been with, he was able later to put his hands on a poster of hers which he kept on his room wall for a while — like some sort of a memorial trophy to be proud of.

Almost 15 years later he got curious and Googled her name. And Bam. He found some videos of hers on YouTube, mostly are dancing performances but she's also singing in one clip. Taking away the plastic surgery and the natural ageing, he did recognise the girl who must be in her mid 30s now.

Until the next adventure of my incognito friend.


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