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Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: Another Sex Party

After his first encounter at that Sex Party my buddy sure got curious to do it again. He felt confident after exploring this new wild territory and kept wondering when and how his next time there will unfold. Just as I expected, he was actually ready to take a “date” with him.

Now this isn’t your every-day decision. It’s a big thing. Who would you take with you to such a party? Who are you going to trust seeing you indulge in whatever kink you may have? Equally, who is going to trust you? Not many qualify when we think about it. Therefore he didn’t push it, knowing down deep inside that there will be another time.

Then one day he received an unexpected message from a woman he knows and who sort of fancies him. He mentioned to her that there is a “sex party” at night, and to his moderate surprise she agreed to go.

You’re a perv, you know?” She jokingly wrote along a smiley face.

Yeah, and that’s why you like me. It feels good to be different,” he responded.

Being in her early 40s, the woman was excited yet confused and had many questions. Her first was: “Do I have to fuck?” To which he replied, “Not at all. Many people go these events just to watch and enjoy the safe, unconventional liberating atmosphere.

Having been there before, he further reassured her by sending the club’s rules along with the article I had written about his first time. He thought that since the story is right there, he might as well send it to her so she can better grasp the whole scene. 

It’s funny, but I’m starting to freak out,” she texted him a little later.

Trying to reassure her in a candid way, he wrote, “Don’t freak. After all, you’re with me, THE biggest freak.” I’m not too sure if these words helped. 

This was early afternoon and they agreed to meet by 9. Neat.

The woman passed by, looking all seductive and appearing seemingly calm, too calm even. He later found out that it was just a way to hide her anxiety. She was nervous so she overacted being calm, to an almost placid, unexcited mood. 

As mentioned, this wasn’t your casual date, especially that it’s her first time — with the guy alone and going to a debauchery.

Despite the subtle uneasiness, they still headed to the place. She was driving while he was navigating. Before getting there he sensed the woman’s tension rising. It wasn’t long before she confessed that she doesn’t think she is able to do this.

Since they were five minutes away, the guy told her that they might as well go in and take a look. This was an experience she has never been through and, again, she is safe with him. He also reminded her that the entrance for couples is free. So there really is nothing to lose; it’s simply an experience gained. Single men requite a ‘donation’, though.

But the woman seemed like she had already made up her mind. She asked if he could catch an Uber back if she dropped him at the club. He said yes and wondered for a few moments if he should go in by himself or just go back home.

While lost in thoughts and a slightly awkward silence, they had already arrived to the venue. Lots of parked cars could be seen outside, which made him try one last time by telling her that this is a good sign; the night could be real fun and they could leave whenever they wanted.

The woman wasn’t convinced and appeared a little troubled. Probably part of her anxiety was due to that bizarre party she has never seen before, another was maybe because she was disappointed that she just flaked on the guy at the last second.

A couple of minutes later she dropped him right before the entrance. They bid farewell and he went in.

He was still getting over the sketch he just went through and getting ready for a different kind of adventure than the one he had planned. 

Alone again, however, he felt free. A new, dark club where he knows no one and no one knows him: How liberating.

At the inner gate he had to give them the password. With all the commotion though he could only remember half of it. While standing there he decided to tell them about what just happened about the ‘girl’ who was supposed to come with him and who just bailed out at the entrance, saying that it’s too weird to go to these places. And there he is alone.

They looked amused by his story and asked if he had been to any of their events before, to which he said yes but at a different location. When they further asked how was it, he told them that it was a little small and stuffy, and that he hopes here is bigger and ‘better’ — knowing that it’s a better neighbourhood he already knew that and thought to pump their egos. They agreed that it is a ‘better’ location and let him in after paying.

The club was indeed bigger. There was one big hall with a snack bar (no alcohol) and five darkened rooms. Some have beds, other have leather chairs and mirrors.

He took a stroll around to check and found that the people were prettier than last time. As he felt more at ease, it wasn’t long before he engaged in some oral action with a blondie.

Ten minutes later, it was a different room and a different kind of steamy action with a brunette. It eventually involved a third silhouette who came from behind, sandwiching her between them and my bud. Standing close by, a group of three or four people were watching in silence, some touching were themselves. 

Another 30 minutes in the club, he finally had his last encounter and released all his load while other voyeurs anticipatingly enjoying the view.

A final tour and he left the venue knowing that, with or without ‘date’, he’ll probably be back someday.

The next morning he received a message from the woman, asking if he had fun. She also apologised for what happened. “I'm more shy and conservative than you might imagine; I tried but I couldn’t. Maybe one day.”

He understood where she was coming from, texted her not to worry and that maybe spending the day on the beach or by the pool is more up her alley. “Oh and I did have fun. Twice,” he wrote.

Until the next adventure of my incognito friend.


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