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Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: Ten Days with a Charming Older Woman

After a brief hiatus due to traveling, the Memoirs of an Incognito Friend are back. We haven’t met for a while before this latest reunion and it was invigorating to catch up. The following is another one of his raunchy stories. 

During my buddy’s time in the U.S he went to visit Colorado. He found a room to rent where he was supposed to stay for five or six nights. Fortunately, it belonged to an alluring Gypsy woman in her mid-50s with whom he shared a warm, welcoming house and got along jolly well. 

The Lady was an artist and a tutor who spoke French among a couple of other languages. Being a natural conversationalist, they both hit it off quite rightly on his first day. Later in the evening, they shared a few glasses of wine while cozily sitting by the fire. They passionately spoke about life, his adventures, and her ancestry among other topics. 

Then at some point she brought out a family photo album. One of the black-and-white captures was of her grandfather standing by a rare sight: Frozen Niagara Falls — the American side. To the woman’s surprise, my buddy then remarked: “That’s in 1911!”

It seemed she had no idea of the date, so she flipped the photograph to find the year 1911 written there — more than a full century ago.

“Waow,” she said with an impressed tone and raised eyebrows.

How did you know that?”

Well, I know things; and I knew that Niagara Falls froze over during that year.” 

It is of significance to note that the river nor the falls ever freeze solid in their entirety. The water continues to flow beneath the ice at all times, though on rare occasions, such as this 1911-192 event, it is reduced to a mere trickle when ice jams block the river above the falls.

Historically, when the blanket of ice has spanned the entire Niagara River the phenomenon was dubbed the “ice bridge”. As shown in the photo below, people used to stroll on and around the frozen falls and even walk across the ice bridge from America to Canada. However, no one has been allowed to do that since 1912 after the bridge unexpectedly broke apart, killing three tourists.

All that said, the woman seemed fascinated by the random bits of knowledge the younger rambler possessed.

The following morning after breakfast she joined him at a nearby park. The entire country had just come out of one wicked winter and it sure was enjoyable to get a bit of Spring sun with a more moderate weather than the East Coast where he had previously been. Later, he helped her out with cutting some fire woods using an axe and got the job done.

Being in Colorado, legal marijuana dispensaries were all over. For the first time in years he felt like he was in Amsterdam. No medical card required or anything; you just go in, buy what you need, and then out. So that was one highly kool addition to the trip. 

In the early evening of that second day, my buddy and the lady decided that they’ll cook dinner together. They got in the car and headed to the store for some groceries and wine. 

Back home, the wine began to be sipped while they shared stories as they prepare the meal. They bonded even more on that second night. He specifically mentioned that it’s great to find a woman who can keep a flowing conversation — a major feat of older women. She showed him her drawings while he shared his photos. Then it ended with a cute kiss on the cheek. 

On the third day he went to visit a museum, which was followed by a night out with the woman. First the drinks at some bar then he took her out to some fancy French dinner which she had suggested. Some sweet smooching followed when eventually they got home.

What made it even more enjoyable is that it was totally unexpected. He went alone to Colorado to experience it and had more than he bargained for. 

The next one was spent within the majestic mountains. It was some kind of holiday and he couldn’t find any cars to rent. The Gypsy woman kindly offered to use her own which he drove while she navigated. It ended up being a beautiful day full of sun, snow, water, frozen lakes, running lakes, greenery, and mountains. All in on trip. The scenery from up there was sensational. To make it even more perfect, his female companion had conveniently prepared a picnic basket and he made sure to bring the wine. They sat there in wild nature, enjoying the company and a truly peaceful moment.

Back home, they kept going with more wine and more connection until they ended up in bed together. The chemistry had been building up for a few days and it amalgamated through a kiss on her luscious pouty lips, which developed into more action. Being in her mid 50s, the woman was tender and oozing with that charming yet puritanical seduction. She also had a mean figure with curvy hips and a gorgeous set of C cups. 

As my buddy and I agree, the secret to women at such age is that they know what they want as they know how to get things done. For one, their decision-making about compatibility has reached its apex. Most are over the insecurities and past relationships and began loving themselves for who they are; hence they are comfortable in their own skin — a feature that clearly shows on the person… any person. Confidence also translates into sexiness.

Another perk to women over 50 is that they are wise enough to give the man the attention his male ego is often seeking — making him feel like the King of The Castle. Yet at the very same time, in case of dating, they do not really need the men in their lives, simply because they got their own lives together.

By this age they are equally done with obsessing over their biological clock or having children. This is a significant load off any woman’s shoulders. This is also a big plus for the man they are with, emotionally and sexually.

Naturally, said psychological maturity gives those women a certain nurturing quality many of the younger ones seem to lack.

He woke up the next morning to find the woman next to him, still sleeping. He went to make coffee and back to bedroom where she was just awaking. That next morning after the first wild night is often a bit weird; that is if none of you leave. You look each other in the eyes in a way that says: I acknowledge this happened — ‘this’ means becoming one for some moments in time and sharing juices with each other.

A remarkable thing about sex as we get older is that one takes the experience more sincerely. The older we get, the less we want to do it with just about anybody. So one could fairly say that sex becomes more personal and meaningful. It is done by choice not because one is just hormonally horny.

That said, the woman was at least 17 years his senior, yet they both felt the same about being somewhat picky regarding who they share their energies with. 

For them, it was not that connection they get everyday. So it remained quite special.

Nevertheless, being a dude, the guy woke up horny. Wanting to feel the woman fully — without the intoxication induced by the mixture of wine and herbs — he tried to turn her on again. She wasn’t ready for a full session, and he did not press her. But she did help him release his overflowing energy.

It was time to enjoy his last day. They shared a hearty breakfast then spent a few hours goofing around the city before going back home for a finale. 

The intergenerational couple was in a celebratory mood and lots of wine was consumed that night.

One thing [bottle] led to the other and things became quite hazy. At some point he opened his eyes to find himself in bed and that it’s morning; he looked at the phone and realized that his plane was leaving in one hour and a half! The woman was still dosing next to him, but eventually woke up when he began to hurriedly pack his bag. 

They gave each other a sweet final kiss before she took him to the door where they bid farewell and he got into the cab. Finally at the airport, he ran to the check-in desk but the plane had already left! Hm. Ironically, the only time he had missed a flight was in Amsterdam about 10 years earlier — with another older woman. There must be a connection between this higher existence and the concept of time.

In one way, my buddy was obviously bummed to lose the flight and having to pay some extra fee; in another he was happy to reunite with the tender Gypsy woman again. He called her up, explaining what transpired, and she warmly invited him back over to her house.

Back there he had to book another flight. He deliberately chose one that is three days later to enjoy some more loving. Naturally, they spent the following nights together just like a couple. Also naturally they got even closer.

When the final time came to leave, he thanked her for her warm welcome and promised to stay in touch. To this very day they remain friends who enjoy sharing news and seasonal phone conversations.

A true reminder that women are like fine wine. 

Until the next adventure of my incognito friend.


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