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Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: The Woman Who Came Again — 24 Years Later

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You may remember one of the earliest articles in the Memoirs of an Incognito Friend series: The Girl Who Came. The following is another experience my buddy went through with the same passionate girl, now a passionate woman, only that it is 24 full years later. True storytelling material. Insane? Yes. Rare? Absolutely. Happy to report that she did come this time as well.

On their first encounter he was 18 while she must have been sweet 16. They met several times during the following year then they both dropped out of the radar. About 15 years later he found out through social media that she had left the country and got married. By that time he had also left; so social media became how they remained in contact despite the thousands of kilometers separating them.

Almost 10 more years had passed when the woman suggested it would be cool to meet up after all this time. He certainly agreed, yet was not too sure if it would happen. His reasoning was — and likely still is — when one is open to whatever life throws at them amazing things occur. Without forcing it or obsessing about it, if it is meant to happen, it will.

Then once when they both travelled back for visits she called him to try to make it happen. But it didn’t.

The following year they were both back again. This time they managed to meet. My buddy was enjoying some beach time and invited her over for a couple of nights. This was his first time to reunite with someone he was seeing 24 years prior. The same for her. So as with all first times, there was some unparalleled excitement from his part and probably from hers as well.

He had already experienced reuniting with an old flame as you may remember from Reliving a One-Night Stand...13 Years Later. He equally experienced being with a woman he has known for a similar number of years as you may remember from 22 Years Later — Once Teenagers Now Adults, however nothing had happened back then. So this remained as fresh and as novel as it can get. 

On that fateful day my buddy opened the door to welcome her in. As soon as they were inside the house she approached to give him one wet and sloppy kiss, which he happily returned. He instantly then remembered how much of a good kisser she was — and still is. Shortly after they were all over each other, ending with wildly getting it on on the couch. Understandably, this first one was a quickie. But a mighty hot quickie.

He poetically later said: “It seems that each and every nerve ending of my body remembers her; it is like coming back home after a long, distant journey”.

This was probably why his body exploded in ecstasy few minutes through despite the fact that he can usually control himself, often waiting for his partner to cum first. But, he knew he needed to get this extra surplus out of the way to be able to carry on later on a cooler level. He would have relieved himself earlier as we sometimes do, but from what I understood, she passed by earlier in the day so there was no time.

Speaking of premature ejaculation, or what is more colloquially known as cumming too fast for men, my buddy remembers an older woman he was in bed with once in his early 20s and who once told him: If it is that good [that you’re getting there fast], then enjoy it. We can always do it again. Some wisdom here. Truly, if you try not to cum by thinking of wars or sports, you can only last so much. You are just delaying it. But, you're not in the Here and Now; you are somewhere else in your mind, which may not be the key. That is why we have quickies. Afterwards one can last longer as we ought to return the favour and get them there as well. With practice and mindfulness one can later upgrade to Tantric sex, during which orgasms are not the goal. But then if and when it happens, possibly hours later, you simply explode on a much deeper and personal level.     

Back to our horny couple...

What followed are two or three hours of catching up, face-to-face this time. Apparently he found out that the woman is happily married as she has been faithful to her husband for over 15 years. Yet, she needed to revitalise her life by adding a tad bit of excitement into it while still not wanting to cheat on her hubby. So she openly, and boldly, shared with him the idea of shagging someone during her trip. And open-mindedly the man agreed. 

That lucky someone happened to be our guy. Because as she confessed to him, whatever they had back then was still ingrained on her inner core. The lust was also still there. So now that they were both “grown-ups” and not teenagers she wanted it again. 

After a few drinks and some magical smoke it was time for number two. Who could blame them, really. This time it was in the bedroom and even more steamy. 

They had a home-cooked dinner that night then went to bed.

The next day after breakfast while the guy was sitting on the couch the woman came closer and began touching him all over. It didn’t take long that he took his shorts off and gave it to her warm-blooded mind and curvy body — slower this time to make sure she really gets to climax in Seventh Heaven. And she did. The window was wide open so anyone passing by could have seen them. They were both, however, quite fine with it, even aroused by the idea. As the possibility of being seen having wild sex turned them deviants on.

Finally the day after, she bid him farewell and went on her way.

The rare experience left them both elated for some time. As she shared later, she went back to her life a different person, feeling invigorated and revitalised. The encounter also made her regain her confidence and self esteem along a certain reassurance in herself, her womanhood, and her sexiness. As such, it was a healing experience she had been longing for in a while. 

As for my buddy, the novelty such experience offers keeps him young at heart. One of his life philosophies — which I agree with — is that to stop doing new things is to start dying. With the Big Picture in mind, and in a rather unselfish way, being part of a healing experience of someone he likes and cares about comes close to conquering any orgasm his physical body may have had when they were together.    

They promised to meet again before another 24 years. Ha.

Until the next adventure of my incognito friend.


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