Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: Reliving a One-Night Stand...13 Years Later

The story began when my buddy was in his early 20s and working for a five-star hotel — just as myself. He met a beautiful Lebanese woman who was about six years older than him, which made the whole experience worth its while.

After briefly talking a few times, he sent her some fruit amenities along with his business card to the room. Then after a few days, he was once doing the night shift when the lady left him a flower on his desk. He inquired about the flower and was told that it was from the guest of room X. He called the guest to say thank you, for her to ask him if he wanted to come get the full bouquet.

My buddy got it. He told her he would be glad to, then went to his car to pimp himself a little with some breath-freshener and cologne. Being the one in charge, he told the chief receptionist that he'll be ‘around’ and reachable on his mobile phone. This was by 2 a.m.

Once up, the lady opened the room door wearing a sexy négligée, showing her voluptuous body. She sat on the bed while he sat on the opposing chair as they chatted for a short while. Five minutes later, they were all over each other on the bed.

Of course they had to make sure that his suit and shirt are kept in a decent shape. So he neatly took them off first before joining the action. 

It felt so good and warm and naughty that the guy couldn't hold it for too long. He told her that, to which she replied:
If it's that good and you can't hold it then you shouldn't.

Ah, older women and some bed wisdom.

The act itself didn't last more than five or six minutes — a quickie, one would call it. But what a quickie that was. 

Another five minutes of talking then the young man wore his clothes, gave her a kiss, and went back to work...ecstatic.

The woman left the next day and that was that. The story remained one of his most thrilling  experiences.

Two years later, he got a call from her saying she was in town. However, they were not able to meet.

Two more years with the beginning of Facebook, my buddy decided to look for her. He was able to locate her and they became virtual friends.

Seven years have passed before one day she sent him a message saying that she'll soon be visiting the city he is in. He had already moved some long time ago and living elsewhere.

Of course he had no idea what to expect from that visit. After all, it's been 13 years. Looking back at that first night, he sure was a kid; and a whole lot has happened since then. But as usual, he thought to go along with the adventure-to-be.

As agreed, the woman, now in her mid 40s, came to visit. Despite a few extra pounds but she was still a hot MILTTT as he remembered her. The blonde hair, the pouty, sensuous lips and the stunning set of DD-cups were extra reminders. 

They spent two days together, slowly reliving that first, quick night. Everything went smooth with no awkwardness. They spoke a lot and shared what had happened to both of them through the long years. So much did, on both ends.

As for the leg over, the guy sincerely wanted to make it up and pay her back for that wonderful and memorable first encounter. So now that he's older and wiser and can last longer, that was precisely what he did.

They finally bid farewell, hoping to meet again before another 13 years.

Until the next adventure of my incognito friend.


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