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Memoirs of an Incognito Friend: Affair With an Older Married Woman

Following another brief hiatus, the erotic adventures are back once again [for the renegade master]!

During his early 20s my buddy met an older American woman, D, at the gym. Being around 30 years of age, she was 8-10 years older. One day they exchanged phone numbers and on that same night she called him up, pretending to be returning the call. When he explained that he never called her home phone or left a message — along his first name — to whoever answered, she asked if he wanted to pass by her.

Hm. He had just taken his then-girlfriend home; in fact, he was on the way back in the car. Without much thinking, he agreed before going home to get ready then headed there.

One thing he recalls is that D didn’t want the porter to see him going up. This is a common thing foreign or expat single women worry about in Egypt among Arab countries. More so 20 years ago than it is today. So as she suggested, he snuck into the building and went up the stairs rather than use the elevator. 

Another thing he clearly recalls is her huge boobs. And by huge, he means Samantha Fox HUGE, when the bra cup size belongs to the rarely used category of letters such as GG or something. For that reason — or so he thought — when things progressed between them she would never take her top off, even when everything else including the bra were gone. She also had long, curly blonde hair that complemented her angelic face.

On that memorable night in her flat, one thing led to the next, ending up in the bedroom. Following the passionate kissing and stimulating foreplay, they went all the way. Like for many other guys, doing an older woman had always been a raunchy fantasy for the young chap. As he matured it became somewhat of a preference as you can deduct from all the other articles part of the Memoirs series previously shared. So when it finally happened he gave it [her] his all. Literally. The sex was so steamy, it lasted for hours.

Eventually when done they were laying on the bed when D said: “I want you to know that I’m married.” Apparently she was afraid he would mind. The guy, however, didn’t. “I have a girlfriend,” he responded right back at her. Aha. So the situation was equal for both.

It is worth noting that the cheeky guy sort of knew about her being married. That is because right after they first met he happened to take a glimpse at her gym membership application, in which was written that she was indeed married. He sure appreciated her honesty on that first encounter and [hence] was encouraged to come clean as well. 

After the  pillow-talk confessions they did it again. Mayhap they both felt a tad lighter. It seemed to my bud that she hadn’t had sex in a while, because she was a beast in bed. And he meant that in a good way — great way, actually. Finally, after all was said and done by 3:00 am he kissed her goodbye before leaving, also through the stairs. Once again, he stealthily exited the building without being detected... à la MacGyver.    

The next day his young girlfriend was at his place when she tried to approach him with shagging shown all over her face. Thing is, his joystick was extremely sore from the previous night. It was the kind of pain one gets after jumping for hours, then some more hours. That’s in addition to all the muscle pain throughout his entire body. Apparently, the soreness and irritation were visible, rendering his shlong quite red. So without much thinking, my buddy went on to tell her how the day before he managed to hurt his manhood while zipping his pants; this was something he had endured in real before, so he knew. He also took it out for her to inspect.

Oohh, poor you.” 

No doubts, whatsoever. 

Mission accomplished.

My buddy and D went on to meet a few times, in secret. Once, he recalls, he had sex with both, his then-girlfriend and D, just hours apart. The very idea that he was inside one woman right after being inside another different woman was obviously such an ego boost for the young, mischievous chap. Nevertheless, he still had a whole lot to learn about life, women, relationships, and Truth. After a while, my buddy and D vanished from each other’s lives, leaving behind only but a sweet and sexy memory.

As always, whenever the stories said bud shares with me involve cheating, I feel compelled to clarify that it is not as cool as our younger selves used to think. It took us, however, more years and experimentation to reach such insight. I hold that we cheated because we could, rather than because we were not satisfied in our relationships. For all the thrill and excitement and rush and adrenaline resulting from doing something [dangerous] we shouldn’t be doing. Despite the fact that we never went to look for such adventures they still, somehow, occurred.

Truth is, if you’re not happy in a relationship, just leave; either remain single in the first place and enjoy the freedom or find someone else. As simple as that. It is certainly much healthier than remaining in dysfunctional relationships — for oneself as well as for the partner(s).

Until the next adventure of my incognito friend.


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