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OLS Reflections Trentaquattro

OLS Reflections Trentaquattro by Omar Cherif, One Lucky Soul

  • You are the sage and you are the lunatic. You are also the One who rises above them and chooses which to side with the most.

  • Once individuals become too ‘religious’ about a certain belief or reality tunnel they tend to subconsciously lose sight of the bigger picture. Be it faith, atheism, patriotism, veganism, cross-fittanism among a multitude of other isms and schisms, teachers and followers alike often cannot help but become dogmatic to a considerable degree. This happens when they don’t, at least occasionally, pause, reflect, or question — themselves included — which leaves them blinded by an illusory light at the end of their tunnel. The more certain they become regarding holding absolute truth, the more they drift away from truth; for absolute certainty remains life’s biggest illusion. The key is to do whatever you feel like doing without the need to shove it down others’ throats. And those who vibrate at similar frequencies will eventually find you.

  • Seeing the sperm which caused you as better than other sperms which caused other people because of a geographical haphazard happening means you chose to use your small, egoic mind to view the world. Unlike the big-picture view of the Higher Self, this way you are separating yourself from all the rest of humanity by believing you are better than them, which is a mere delusion. 

  • Coming to accept our own shadow is an essential preliminary of the path to wholeness. Do not be afraid of your darkness; for once we trust the dragon and learn how to ride it, it will develop wings and take you places. You see, the dragon will somehow never cease to exist. Simply hop on and the ride will keep getting more pleasant with time.

  • Like growth, change in general can be hard and painful. Though oftentimes it only looks as such on the surface. Being part of the unknown, people tend to be afraid of change. So they fight it, resist it, and try to control it. This resistance is what usually causes suffering; for it creates sorrow and disappointments. Change, however, only becomes hard and painful when resisted. To flow through life one must dive into it head first.

  • Before knowing who you authentically are at the core you get to know who you aren’t. 

  • Letting go is essentially for our own peace of mind.

 Whether it’s an abusive parent, an unfaithful partner, a close friend who has backstabbed us, or just a random stranger, we can forgive the person without excusing the act itself. Forgiveness does not mean we justify or condone or minimise their harmful behaviour; it means we choose not be angry or resentful towards them.

  • This is where I think the line is drawn. This is when you get to be kept outside of the loony bin. By doing your own thing; by being fully into something, anything; by embracing your madness — which is your own individuality and uniqueness — and not denying or fighting it; by channeling this difference into something productive and functional, such as creating something that wasnt there before. You see, its relatively easy to lose one’s head in this life, which is not always a bad thing. The point is how to use that loss as an advantage into gaining something else.

  • The divine spark that you seek is already within you. Allow it to shine through you unobstructed and it will eternally light thy way.

  • Without deviating from the norm, even rebelling at times, there wouldn’t be any advancement. Throughout all of history, no one truly found themselves by following and adhering. They did so by embracing their individuality and challenging the dominant way of thinking; by standing out, not by fitting in. 

OLS Reflections Trentaquattro by Omar Cherif, One Lucky Soul


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